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Are you passionate with a bold personality? Join us as a Live Streaming Talent!

ThriveLive Pte Ltd

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  • Co-Founder and COO of ThriveLive Pte Ltd.

What we do

ThriveLive aims to create an augmented shopping experience, aggregating all livestream sales. It will not just be an app, but a lifestyle and an ecosystem because livestreaming will be the future of e-commerce. ThriveLive aims to be the only e-commerce platform where B2B and B2C meets with live-streaming. E-commerce sales will be done in a different way with compelling heightened engagements and NO product listings.

Why we do

It is without a doubt that it is a technology savvy world and generation, and where almost everything happens on the internet even at this moment. Transactions can occur seamlessly without customers even being physically in the store. With this, we allow people to enjoy the almost-full shopping experience at the comfort of their home. The Covid’19 outbreak has emphasized that interaction might not be necessary in many trades and the trend is moving on to what ThriveLive is capable of to close the gaps on these factors.

How we do

ThriveLive believes in bringing the shopping experience to a whole new level. From live sales to the live purchases, ThriveLive will change the way you usually shop.

As a new team member

Job Responsibilities:
- Must be comfortable speaking infront of the camera with virtual audience
- Be able to sell products through online live streaming platforms
- You will travel to different locations for work

Job Requirements:
- 18 years old and above
- Experience in speaking infront of the camera preferred
- Good communication and sales skills

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Are you passionate with a bold personality? Join us as a Live Streaming Talent!
ThriveLive Pte Ltd