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Join our revolutionary aquarium tech startup if you are into fishes & operations!

FishyHub Pte. Ltd.

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  • Shi Qing Poh

What we do

FishyHub is an AI-powered marketplace for people to shop for fishes and other aquarium accessories. We also have a social platform for users to share knowledge and show off their aquarium tanks.

Why we do

FishyHub helps people to build their dream aquariums in a personalized, intelligent and fun way. Currently, the industry is fragmented, the market is underserved and the customer experience/ service is non-existent. FishyHub represents the future of fishkeeping where we gamify and personalize fishkeeping journeys.

How we do

Apart from an aquarium marketplace for shopping fishes and aquarium supplies, we are also a social commerce platform where users can copy-buy from other users. Additionally, users can build a digital tank profile through which more intelligent recommendations can be made.

As a new team member

We have raised an initial round of seed funding to scale up our business and we are looking for an operations ninja that can embark on an EPIC adventure with us to strengthen our foothold in the Singapore market and ensure the smooth running of all our business operations.

Who we are looking for
- Is entrepreneurial & with growth mindset, hands-on and a strong executor
- Has experience in operations process improvement including areas such as logistics, delivery, e-commerce order fulfillment and customer service
- Is customer-oriented, data-driven, target-oriented
- Has a strong passion and knowledge in aquariums, experienced in aquascaping
- Has startup experience

What you will be doing
- Lead and execute the day-to-day operations for FishyHub including pre-sales, sales and post-sales activities
- Optimize operations process using technology, SOPs and other tools
- Responsible for customer service, sales, fulfilment, delivery, customer feedback
- Responsible for the operational PNL of the business
- Perform analysis and reporting on operational metrics including sales, cost of revenues, fulfillment metrics, customer experience etc.
- Lead special customer projects such as tank setups and aquascapes
- Handle difficult customer issues including complaints, failed deliveries, refunds, claims

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Join our revolutionary aquarium tech startup if you are into fishes & operations!
FishyHub Pte. Ltd.