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Singapore-based mobile game publisher looking for Game Designer!

Potato Play Pte Ltd

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  • An adaptable professional with 4+ years of experience and a proven knowledge of customer satisfaction, food and beverage operations and hospitality management.

What we do

Potato Play Pte. Ltd. is a venture-funded mobile game startup obsessed with creating the next big hit game that’s going to be on everyone’s phones. We’re doing this by combining the creative energy of our diverse and talented team with data-driven direction. With several chart-topping hits under our belt, we’re constantly iterating and making quantum leaps towards our goals.

Why we do

Co-Founder And CEO Of Potato Play, Vincent Low, has over 17 years of game-making experience, honed at companies like Microsoft Game Studios in the UK, where he worked on Kinect Sports for the Xbox 360. Based in China for the last 8 years, Vincent built and ran one of the first games platform within WeChat in China, which grew to 10 million daily active users.

While games by established Asian publishers were in top-grossing charts worldwide, Vincent realized that many smaller-sized Asian developers faced challenges marketing their titles out of Asia. Inspired by their situation, Vincent came up with the idea of Potato Play, a data-driven publisher that brings quality games from Asia to global markets.

How we do

Based in Singapore and China, we work closely with developers in a hands-on manner to help them achieve the best outcome.

As a new team member

You will work under our experienced Director of Product to execute the game design for one of the most popular casual games to hit the market this year. You will manage the balancing of the game to provide the right amount of challenge for the player as they progress to the top while keeping them fully engaged.

Key Responsibilities
- Actively execute on the Game Design and Balancing, working closely with the Head of Product
- Collaborate effectively with other departments of the development team (Tech, Art, QA, Product, etc) to create the best game possible
- Design content based on the overall game creative direction to meet the KPI requirements
- Create effective documentation for all systems designed in a clear manner & make it understandable for the entire development team
- Maintain a data driven design methodology for systems/content design by careful analysis of user feedback and key metrics to adjust gameplay and balance;
- Conduct preliminary testing to ensure that all systems/content are implemented as intended.

Minimum Requirements
- 1+ years of experience in the free-to-play gaming industry
- Proven ability to follow a creative vision and help others follow it
- Hunger and passion for making and playing games; being curious and thinking critically about why games succeed and fail
- Ability to think logically with a high level of attention to detail
- Ability to communicate clearly and give actionable feedback
- Willingness to take responsibility and find creative solutions to problems
- Preferred: Fluency in Mandarin to communicate with developers we work with in China
- Preferred: Taking at least one free-to-play game to market

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Potato Play Pte Ltd
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  • Singapore-based mobile game publisher looking for Game Designer!
    Potato Play Pte Ltd