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We're looking for a hardworking and dedicated Cleaning staff to support our school!

Furen International School

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What we do

Furen International School (FIS) is established as a Preparatory School in 2000. Originally started as a School to prepare students for the Singapore’s GCE O-Level Examinations, we have since expanded to several other courses. All our courses however have a singular purpose – to prepare students for university. There are two qualities that are necessary.

Academic success in is a MUST and the qualification to gain entry into FIS is a motivated student that possesses perseverance and industriousness. To achieve academic success, we interact closely with our students. The Principal, Vice-Principal, Form Teacher, Student Affairs Teachers and Student Development Manager, all of them are actively involved in student’s performance. And for students who are academically strong, we encourage the student to supplement their current studies with extra coursework.

Step 2 requires exposure, in that students partake in social causes to broaden their horizons. We participate in many programmes, one example is the twice yearly Cambodia Trip organized by the School’s 108th Boys’ Brigade Company and 89th Girls’ Brigade Company.

Why we do

The School encourages dreamers! To rise above the ordinary is not just a motto but our raison d’etre. To get into the top universities; a good application profile has to include both academic and non-academic achievements. We have a good relationship with consultants and application specialists who actively discover a student’s dreams and work closely together with them in achieving that dream.

We aim to be Asia’s most influential Preparatory Education Institution by helping our students secure admissions to world-renowned institutions.

To provide quality education and to secure entry to world-renowned universities.

F – Focus (to be focused on our dreams and goals)
I – Industrious (to be industrious, diligent and hardworking in tasks that we set ourselves)
S – Share (to share openly and willingly)

Gratitude and Reciprocity. Be grateful and repay those who have contributed in one’s life.

Rise Above the Ordinary

How we do

FIS is always innovating, always progressing. We set up an Online Bridging Programme to help our academically weaker students. We will persevere and ensure that ALL our students are able to get into the top universities.

As a new team member

Your Role:
1. Ensure School toilets are clean all day, desks and tables in classroom are orderly set up.

2. Ensure School areas are clean and tidy, i.e. meeting rooms, office, staircase, glass doors, and clear rubbish on a timely basis.

3. Ensure School hostels’ areas are clean and tidy, i.e. rooms, staircase, common area, and clear rubbish on a timely basis.

4. Ironing of students’ school shirts.

5. Other ad hoc duties as assigned.
Job Types: Full-time or Part-time

1. 负责学校厕所的清洁维护,确保教室内桌子椅子的整齐排放。
2. 学校环境的清洁维护,如:会议室、办公室、楼梯间、玻璃门、定期清理垃圾等。
3. 学生公寓环境的清洁维护 ,如:房间、楼梯间、公共区域、定期清理垃圾等。
4. 学生公寓内学生制服的熨烫工作。
5. 其他公司安排简单任务。

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  • We're looking for a hardworking and dedicated Cleaning staff to support our school!
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