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Step into the DURIAN space and join the Royal Crew!

Royal Durian Pte Ltd

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What we do

Mao Shan Wang fresh fruit and pastries delivered daily for your consumption at an affordable price.
We believe in delivering the best qualities, giving the best services and fulfilling your cravings always.
Never be disappointed, always contented!

Why we do

The founders are a group of durian lovers, who loved travelling to Malaysia for a unique, traditional durian experience. After serveral trips up, they realised the price disparities amongst the sellers.

After thorough researches done, they realised durians are sold to Singaporeans with the same concept as the stock market, where loop holes are available for dishonesty. Hence, they decided to step into the durian space and make the culture a better one.

With that being said, we price the brand upon honesty and integrity where time will tell over actions taken, shown and displayed.

How we do

We aim to serve royalty to everyone, at a fair price, quality, through out time and geographical locations.

As a new team member

What You'll Do:
- Day to day operations
- Attending to customers i.e, taking of orders, scooping ice cream, preparing waffles
- General cleanliness of work stations
- Other work-related duties assigned by manager

We have fun, and we're passionate about durians. Be part of the royal crew, click on "I'm Interested" to apply now!

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Company info
Royal Durian Pte Ltd
  • Founded on 2020/01
  • 134 Jurong Gateway Road
  • Step into the DURIAN space and join the Royal Crew!
    Royal Durian Pte Ltd