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BE THE NEXT SPARK WE IGNITE: Lead Analyst wanted!


What we do

  • Quarterly Potluck: Gong Xi Fa Cai! Lo Hei and a toast to the Year of the Rat!! Jan 2020 - We think a team that plays together stays together, we are also massive foodies!
  • Sparkline: Internal Training and Sharing Sessions - we kicked off this New Year with a HR workshop, we were able to learn more about how we can all work together better and about how our Social Styles impact our working style!

Sparkline is a leading digital analytics consultancy headquartered in Singapore with a presence across the APAC region. Founded in 2013, Sparkline was launched with the aim of helping Fortune 500 companies develop a practical, strategic and scaleable approach to Digital Analytics. Through a range of customised consulting, education and in-house technology solutions, Sparkline helps businesses focus on digital maturity, capability building and data governance.

Why we do

  • Happy TGIF! Every Friday our team gets together to toast to the weekend after a busy week and the hard working Delivery and Ops Team get to spend time together to day thanks for everyone's hard graft and team work!
  • The Team! Our EOQ 'Escape Room' event - so much fun, some took it more seriously than others it seems!

Sparkline supports companies making the leap into digital and the world of data-centric measurement frameworks. We've helped businesses of all sizes across the region leverage the power of digital data to take control of their digital strategy; drive brand engagement, optimise online experiences and ultimately increase profitability, we do this because we love to see people and businesses flourish!

Two of our core mottos are 'teamwork makes a dream work' and 'Work hard and stay humble' and we often use the phrase 'Kick Ass'!!

We love what we do and how we do it, we are always looking for hungry, bright sparks to join our team, channeling and utilising your passion for Data, analytics and people and be driven by the challenge and reward which is found through our client delivery. You must want to help people 'flourish'!!

When describing our people, we would say we are a diverse and empowered team, we work closely and tirelessly to deliver the quality of data analytics projects and training programmes because we know the impact this has on the industry and the people within it!

How we do

  • Sparks: We LOVE training! This is the team with Sparkline Alumni from Go Jek and OVO talking to our trainees from our IMDA Partner programme - TIPP! We are passionate to build Future Skills and Train Future Analysts!
  • Sparks: Superheroes at Work!

Sparkline takes a business first strategy to customer engagement. Our team of ‘Sparks’ are highly qualified, passionate and strive to build partnerships that deliver results through creative and practical suggestions that have immediate impact on businesses while maintaining an agnostic approach to the industry, and integrity through transparency.

We want to support our awesome team to grow in their career and develop their core and undiscovered expertise. We all have a passion for supporting our peer's development. Our Sparks see the marriage between people and data as an integral one and we strive to ensure we keep abreast of all technical changes and developments in the industry to stay relevant and able to consult with knowledge (this is power after all). Along the way we constantly work to build and grow a team of wonderful, empowered and excited 'Sparks' who make this dream a reality!

Of course while we do this, when we can, we want to have fun, enjoy who we work with and learn as much as we can while we do it. One recurring theme we see when we look at the feedback from our esteemed 'Sparkline alumni' is that all our people naturally strive to embrace our 'learning environment'. There is never a dull day at Sparkline, we move at lightning speed but with passion and energy we are able to do this with smiles on our faces and the knowledge we have a solid team around us to support us along the way.

We often refer to ourselves as the 'United Nations of Sparkline', how awesome is that? We not only work with International clients (some pretty impressive folks may we add!) but we have a wonderfully eclectic team, eclectic in terms of nationality, skills sets and personality!!!

Oh did we mention we are all superheroes? More on that when we speak!! :)

As a new team member

At Sparkline, we’re not interested in being ‘the smartest guy in the room’! We want to be a trusted partner, strategic asset and integral part of our client’s business. We are a small team and at our strongest when we leverage each other’s strengths. We roll up our sleeves and move at lightning pace to get the job done!

As a boutique digital analytics company that consults with Fortune 500 businesses, our mantra is to be a trusted partner, strategic asset and integral part of our Client’s business. We help big businesses use data to understand their customer’s behaviour, derive insights to optimize online experiences and drive profitability from their digital channels.

Given our size and flat organizational structure, you will get opportunities to be involved in decisions and issues that will impact the business and our clients, you will have the chance to build a winning analytics team and add significant value to the delivery of our Regional Projects.

At Sparkline we all roll up our sleeves and move at a lightning pace to get the job done!

Passion for digital and data, and the value it brings to both consumers and businesses
Dedication to become a value based partner, delivering above and beyond Client expectations
Humility to work integrity, good intent and transparency
Curiosity to explore the possibilities and the opportunities from the information you are given
Creativity to see beyond the answer and use insights to effectively reach potential customers
Fail Fast, Learn Faster it’s about progress not perfection
Entrepreneurial in attitude and action, effortlessly innovating and adapting
Embrace Change - ‘It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those that can best manage change’....that’s Charles Darwin by the way!

As a senior member of the team you’ll leverage your consultancy know-how and partner with the Business Development Team, qualifying business opportunities using innovative analytics solutions to real business problems.

As a passionate storyteller you present your insights in the form of a narrative. You’ll get to lead whiteboard sessions, share solution proposals, deliver presentations and run training sessions for colleagues and Clients alike. Cool right?!

Throughout the day you are hands on with the team, digging into analyzing data sets and reviewing external resources, allowing you to identify opportunities and recommendations for your Client. Why can you do this? Because you are adaptable to ambiguity and not having all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you. In fact, you prefer to piece this puzzle for your Client and share your insights!

You spend some of your time being a coach and mentor for the Analyst Team, helping them ideate beyond the immediate deliverables to provide creative solutions. Using your experience leading team meetings and think tank sessions as well as delivering presentations and training sessions, you will be able to use different approaches to grow the bench strength of the team. Being commercially minded, you will work with the team to identify opportunities to drive efficiency and scale in all that we do.

The Person:
- You are independent but collaborative, you work across functional teams
- You are creative and entrepreneurial, capable of proposing solutions based on your analysis of clients' needs
- You are more interested in iterating towards improvements and not fixated on perfection
- You are a leader with vision, who's comfortable being a mentor to a small team of analysts.

You will Bring:
- Advanced working SQL knowledge (Experience with BigQuery or Postgresql preferred)
- Experience working with Cloud Platforms (GCP, AWS or Azure)
- 5 years in Digital Marketing/ Data Analytics Role
- At least 3-5 Years working with analytics and tag management solutions, specifically adobe and GA suite
- Exposure across Verticals of business that would be deemed ‘digital first’ would be ideal with a clear understanding of the complexities of Digital Customer Journeys
- Google Sheet + App Script or Excel + VBA: 2 years in data manipulation or cleansing
- Strong working knowledge in BI/Visualisation tools such as Data studio/ Power BI / Tableau
- Strong interest or basic knowledge of programming languages (Python/ R)
- Broad knowledge of the MarTech landscape and expertise in the main channels of online acquisition, related technologies and analytics tools; Advertising (Search Engines, SEO, SEM, Bid-management Tools, AdExchange etc), - Marketing (Display, Content, Email etc), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc), eCommerce.
- Prior experience in consulting is a bonus, to be able to offer clients clear insights into their data with a commercial lens to understand the business impact/opportunities
- A level of Leadership and/or mentorship experience is essential to the success of building and supporting the growth of our team.

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    BE THE NEXT SPARK WE IGNITE: Lead Analyst wanted!