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Software Engineering

Wantedly x Xccelerate - Women in Tech Scholarship

Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)


23:59 ~
at Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong) - Online meetup

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  • Hello! I'm the Country Lead for Wantedly HK. I'm here to bring Wantedly's vision to Hong Kong: creating a world where work drives passion.

    Over my career, I've been fortunate in working at organizations with a clear purpose that I resonate with. I feel this has made a world of difference in...

  • This is Daniel Ng from Hong Kong trying to live his life while not losing "bits" of his own.

  • Here is Fate come from Hong Kong. I am a local HK multimedia designer. Share your ideas with me if you love my works! http://fatelostudio.com

Why we host

  • Xccelerate學生嘅作品(利申:完全睇唔明…)
  • Xccelerate嘅兩位學生代表(訪問可以睇呢度:https://www.wantedly.com/companies/xccelerate/post_articles/304632)

鑒於普遍唔多女性從事IT行業,而筆者甚至有女性朋友(佢係一個 programmer)時不時都畀啲男同事取笑,所以 Wantedly 同 Xccelerate 嘅 Women in Tech Scholarship,今次已經嚟到 round 3 ,希望幫到更多對 programming 有興趣嘅女性改變個現狀!👩🏻‍💻

Xccelerate 作為全香港其中一間最知名嘅 coding school,當然唔需要大家有任何 programming 嘅知識,大家只係需要有決心參加呢個為期4個月嘅 full-time bootcamp,就可以將自己條 career path 嚟個180度轉變之餘,人工仲只會有升冇跌!🔥

What we'll do

- 女性(好明顯啦)
- 喺 Wantedly 註冊咗成為 user(都好明顯啦)
- 香港永久性居民
- 年滿18歲
- 可以由2021年5月尾到9月頭參加一個 full-time 嘅 bootcamp(冇錯,星期一至五,歷時4個月)
- 有一部手提電腦(大會借唔到部 notebook 畀大家咁耐…)

呢個 scholarship 名額分別有兩個,分別係 software engineering 同埋 data science & machine learning,而被選中嘅你就可以用半價去上呢個為期4個月嘅 full-time bootcamp(原價49,000), 而 Wantedly 仲會努力確保大家喺畢業之後搵到份薪高糧準嘅好工!

(其實IT人嘅人工本身已經嬴在起跑線…唔信?呢度有 reference: https://www.wantedly.com/companies/xccelerate/post_articles/304632


Registration deadline 2021.Mar.24 22:59

Online meetup

Company info
Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)
  • Founded on 2010/09
  • 100 members
  • Garage Society Sheung Wan 25F, 2-12 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong
  • Wantedly x Xccelerate - Women in Tech Scholarship

    23:59 ~ at Online meetup