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Join us in bringing satellite broadband to the heart of Asia Pacific as a Full Stack Developer!

Kacific Broadband Satellites

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What we do

Founded in 2013 by a core team of senior satellite professionals, Kacific is backed by a group of investors with experience in global telecommunications and infrastructure. Our first Ka-band high throughput satellite, Kacific1, launched in 2019 to stream high-speed, low-cost, ultra-reliable broadband to rural and suburban areas of the Pacific and South East Asia.

Kacific is a wholesale business selling to telecommunications operators, internet service providers, governments and other service providers.

As a next-generation broadband satellite operator, we are committed to providing universal, fast, high-quality broadband access at an affordable cost using robust technologies and an agile business model.

Why we do

Driving Connectivity Into New Territories
Kacific’s purpose is to make a rapid and lasting difference to the people of South East Asia and the Pacific by providing high-quality, low-cost satellite broadband accessible from a small, easy-to-install and affordable antenna. Broadband connectivity enables critical government services to reach the heart of otherwise vulnerable rural communities.

Banishing Digital Darkness
We are committed to using proven space technologies to solve the endemic lack of affordable broadband internet in remote and underserved regions and locations of the world. Satellite connectivity drives economic growth, provides infrastructure freedom to communities and improves people’s lives. Whether in urban, extra-urban, rural or fringe and remote areas, we help businesses, governments and communities fully participate in the digital world.

A Catalyst For Change
To really make a difference, Kacific looks beyond the limits of today’s practices, reacts quickly and adapts flexibly. We learn from successful technologies around the world and combine that with our innovative business model to find new ways of doing much more with much less – without compromising quality. And we invest in powerful satellites, focusing on broadband and broadband alone, so that customers don’t have to invest on the ground.

Accessible and Affordable
We understand the challenges that most ISPs, telecom operators, enterprises and governments in South East Asia and the Pacific region face in delivering connectivity to rural and extra-urban areas. Some may want to give up on these areas or see them as an unprofitable burden. We see them as a primary target market, because we understand the formidable untapped opportunity of connecting their economies sustainably and profitably. We want to share that vision with telecommunication operators and governments to let them reap the attractive rewards of social and commercial inclusion of these areas.

How we do

Strong Partnerships
We believe true connectivity is the result of genuine, durable partnerships. We consult, advise, and work with our local partners to develop solutions that address emerging opportunities and provide increasingly more valuable services to their customers.

As a new team member

The full-stack developer is based in Singapore and will report to the NOC Manager. The candidate will be responsible for all front and back end development, including design for web development and database for the Kacific group.

With HQ in Singapore and team members based across APAC, Kacific (www.kacific.com) is a leading next-generation wholesale broadband satellite operator that disrupts the industry and brings telecommunication services (high-speed internet) to countries in the Pacific and South-East Asia.

With our first satellite launched in 2019 and our second in preparation, this is an exciting time to join the team at Kacific.

Your role will be critical to the success of Kacific and will cover the following areas:

- Develop visually appealing web applications, including translating designer mock-ups and wireframes into front-end code
- Develop functional databases, applications, and servers to support websites on the back end
- Develop web applications with responsive design
- Develop and design RESTful services and APIs
- Develop, implement and maintain data warehouse and business systems
- Stay abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages
- Strategize organizational direction on emerging technology platforms and communicate the effectiveness to executive stakeholders
- Ensure that non-functional requirements such as security, performance, maintainability, scalability, usability, and reliability are being considered when designing solutions.

Skills that the candidate should have:

- Fluent in CSS (Foundation or Bootstrap), JavaScript and HTML, with an understanding of CSS preprocessors including Sass and LESS.
- Strong knowledge of Windows, Linux, PHP, InfluxDB and MySQL, with working understanding of MongoDB, SQLite3, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Express.js, Oracle, React, Ember and Node.js.
- Familiar with AWS cloud infrastructure management.
- Experience working with JAVA, Python and PHP.
- Successfully implemented full stack web applications.
- Experience working with server technologies including Apache, ISS, Node.js, Nginx and J2EE.
- Experience in API design and development.
- Familiar with ELK stack, Prometheus and Grafana implementations.
- Understanding of libraries including such as jQuery.
- Experience with AJAX.
- Strong knowledge of data structures, system design, and algorithms.

Desired qualities:

- Independent self-starter
- Self-pacing and resourcefulness
- Disciplined and goal orientated
- Openness and adaptability to fast pace decisions and changes
- Idea-tank and willingness to explore out-of-the-box.

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Kacific Broadband Satellites
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  • Join us in bringing satellite broadband to the heart of Asia Pacific as a Full Stack Developer!
    Kacific Broadband Satellites