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Why Brand Design is on the search for Junior Designers - You could be part of our team!

Why? Brand Design

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What we do

Why Brand Design is a branding and design agency focusing on developing FMCG brands in Asia and beyond. Today we are 37 designers and consultants from 11 countries, spearheading projects from global rollouts to brand creation across multiple categories. We’re 100% independent which allows us to be extremely agile in the way that we work both with clients and our team.

Why we do

We’re all about people first, so much so that we're not looking to force fit a person to a ‘defined role’ but rather craft roles to fit the skillset, this definitely sets us apart from other companies. We focus on growing the teams capabilities, including Junior Designers & Designers who are paired with mentors, this hands on approach is for the collective good.

How we do

Collaboration and inclusivity is at the core of what we do and everyone is given an equal chance and voice. ‘Great to work with’, a sentiment echoed by our clients spills over internally as well. We’re not big on egos we’re big on creativity, so I’d say come prepared to bring your A-game, roll up your sleeves, and be part of a well-oiled fun team!

As a new team member

As our Junior Designer, with input from DDs and CDs, explore and execute design alternatives within a specified time frame.

[Functional Mastery]
• Make the transition from classroom learning and designing, to the professional environment - designing for the consumer
• Bring a broad range of ideas to the table, shown through sketch
• Great aesthetic & execution
• Detail oriented. Be error free. Be rigorous.
• Check deliverables against request
• Speak up! Share ideas and say what you think!
• Be curious, ask questions and always be prepared to answer “Why?”
Technical skills:
• Solid aptitude in Adobe Creative Suite. You can design fast.
• Maintain and organize files and project materials
• Efficiently back up files in an organized manner on the server

[Team spirit / Behavior]
• Customer service oriented - make someone else’s workday easier by making it easy to work with you
• Flexible and adaptable
• Be up for anything! There is learning in all tasks and phases of the project
• Give the project leader advance notice if you will have a problem meeting a deadline or should not be clear what is expected from you
• When work is completed, let us know, there is always someone that needs help
• Everybody makes mistakes - don’t be afraid to make some, just learn from them
• Listen up! Accept feedback graciously and incorporate it into your work
• Play back what you heard
• Take notes

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  • Why Brand Design is on the search for Junior Designers - You could be part of our team!
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