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Customer Service
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Be a shoulder to lean on as our Customer Service, we are looking for YOU!

Shariot Pte Ltd

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What we do

Shariot is carsharing done right. We are a company that values the user experience above all else. We’ve built the new service from the ground up, with our primary focus being on what matters most. You.

Our company aims to be one of the first personalized carsharing platform with enhancements to the overall experience. What it means to be personalised will evolve in due time, as for now our commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety and satisfaction as our primary goals to our end users.

Why we do

Shariot was built to deliver on a fundamental promise to ensure our users a safe and reliable option for transportation. We’ve entered into the murky carsharing field to be the premier service for those looking for a level of quality, attention to detail, and special touch that has yet to be seen. It’s true. A new player has entered the arena and for us, it’s personal.

How we do

We have come to change carsharing forever. Shariot’s vision is a world where cars are no longer owned but used only on occasion at an affordable rate. This will help to ensure the best for the end users pockets, as well as for the environment as a whole. Welcome to a Better Way. Your Shariot Awaits.

As a new team member

At Shariot, we count on our customer service department to interact professionally with our valued customers when they have questions or concerns. We’re looking for highly skilled customer service representatives to join our team, managing inbound and outbound phone calls, email requests, and interaction with a friendly, helpful approach.

As a customer service representative, you’ll have the chance to make the biggest difference in our customers’ lives. Whether you’re taking calls or replying emails, you’ll be the face & voice of Shariot’s promise of exceptional service.

The ideal candidate must have the communication and interpersonal skills needed to provide support, answer questions, and resolve issues in an efficient manner. Serving as the voice and face of our company, he or she will be integral to reinforcing our reputation for exceptional customer service.


Working within our 24/7 Integrated Customer Interaction Centre, you’ll offer customers a one-stop service across our entire product/service range and answering general queries.


- Fluent in English with the ability to speak one other language will be an advantage

- Possess relevant experience in call center or customer service environment preferred

- Able to work in a fast paced environment

- Know how to genuinely have fun in an environment charged with people energy


- Able to work on rotating shifts

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Shariot Pte Ltd
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  • Be a shoulder to lean on as our Customer Service, we are looking for YOU!
    Shariot Pte Ltd