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Mothership is looking for a Video Content Producer to join our Current Affairs video team!


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What we do

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Mothership is a Singapore-born Internet media company. As of October 2019, we have one of the highest local penetration among all digital-only media platforms in Singapore.

We attract more than 20 million page views a month from more than 4.5 million unique users (updated October 2019), with over two-thirds of our audience between the ages of 25 and 44. This means young Singaporeans with spending power, and who are key decision-makers in their households and communities.

75% of our readers are on mobile, and we connect with them by creating high-quality multimedia news and entertainment content that encourages social sharing.

Why we do

While we couldn’t grab hold of every young Singaporean we saw, shake them hard and shout “YOU HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THE FATE AND DESTINY OF SINGAPORE!!!!1111!!!”, we could write commentaries and report on politics in Singapore in a way that spoke to them.

One editor’s father asked in the early days of Mothership.sg, “Eh, you like that write about the government will go jail not?” That sort of scepticism mixed with fear was typical of our infancy.

We approached several advertisers and they too held the same mix of scepticism and fear. “Too political” and “Not safe” were terms we heard often.

How we do

Think of a stuffy, hierarchical corporate culture where employees sit for long hours in cubicles counting down the hours doing soulless, repetitive, run-of-the-mill chores, fenced off from human warmth and personal connections. Now think of the exact opposite. That's Mothership.

We strive to build and preserve a people-centered culture with a focus on personal development and professional growth for all our teammates.

As a new team member

Mothership is looking for full-time video folks to join our expanding video (news/ current affairs) team.
If you have:
- An eye for visual storytelling,
- a questioning mind and keen ears,
- and seek to always be subverting expectations,
Mothership may just be the next place for you to flex those creative muscles and put that kaypoh nature to good use.

You will join a team of passionate content creators who want nothing more than to let Singaporeans know more about what’s happening on our sunny island, and how our little island is affected by trends and events of a global scale.

-Create smart, insightful and creative videos (original and sponsored) for the social media generation.
-Media monitoring to stay ahead of the news and topics of the day.
-Explore ways to value add to the conversations of the day through video content
-Take ownership of and own a video series.
-Track and analyse video performance for original video content and series
-Plan and develop strategies for original video series.
-Regular brainstorms with business development team for sponsored content.

-Diploma/Degree in social sciences/media-related disciplines. Fresh graduates welcome
-Proficient in Premiere Pro and After Effects
-Ability to work a video camera or DSLR
-Technically skilled in handling cameras/lights/audio
-You can write sharp, simple and efficient
-A sense of humour
-A good sense of storytelling and rhythm
-Aesthetic vibes only
-Keen interest in the latest trends, and a good news sense — able to tell trends and pick up viral topics quickly
-Ability to work independently in the pre-production, filming and post-production stages.

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Company info
  • Founded on 2015/01
  • 30A Kallang Place
  • Mothership is looking for a Video Content Producer to join our Current Affairs video team!