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Machine learning engineer Python/R


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  • Responsible for Service Delivery at Avinton from solution proposal to acceptance.

    We deliver solutions development and support in Big Data, Telecommunications, Network Monitoring etc.

    I lead a small team of hand picked talented engineers that allow us to leverage cutting edge technologies for s...

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What we do

  • 個性的で(!)高い専門性をもったメンバーが集まり、お互いを高めあい、知の相乗効果が生みながら、AI・データ分析ソリューションを開発しています。
  • 自社ソリューションのエッジAIカメラ 特に製造業や建設業で多くの実績、依頼をいただいています。

Who We Are
Avinton is a Business and IT consulting company founded in 2010.

Avinton currently operates mainly in Japan, UK and Singapore.

Our clients range from small companies (50 ~ 100 employees) to Blue Chip multinationals as well as local Government.

Through our constant research and extensive experience across multiple disciplines we are able to meet our client’s business requirements in a cost-effective way.

We excel at designing and delivering bespoke solutions for complex problems through software solutions or changes in ways of working.

※Avinton machine-learning sample

Our services
1. Edge AI Camera:
Edge AI is all about running AI algorithms locally on a physical device collecting data on-site. Avinton’s Edge AI Camera is a highly customizable solution utilizing the latest technologies in AI, machine vision and edge computing.

2. Big Data Cluster:
Our Big Data Cluster will turn your Big Data into value. Big Data is information assets that can be utilized to derive Business Intelligence, which in turn is the enabling of enhanced decision making, insight discovery & process optimization on the business level. This involves the generation, collection, processing & analysis of your data.

3. Machine Learning Application Development:
Image Classification - Machine Learning,
Detecting defects within thousands of IC chips inside silicon wafers,
Real Estate - Data Analyses - Investment ROI,
Fault prediction of industrial boiler equipment with AI & data analytics etc..

4. Machine Learning Infrastructure Design:
Building on our extensive experience designing, deploying and supporting large enterprise IT infrastructure solutions over many years we provide our clients with machine learning hardware solutions to fit their needs.
These range from bespoke Deep Learning platforms such as NVIDIA’s DGX-1 to server clusters re-using existing hardware.

Why we do

  • エンジニアが講師となりみっちり実践トレーニングを受けて若手もどんどん成長しています!
  • ダイバーシティな当社で活躍しませんか?平均年齢29歳!

Avinton has high aspirations. Our corporate mission is to constantly contribute to employee’s happiness, create business value and contribute to society.

In recent years, digitalization has progressed rapidly. Now, information is being gathered instantly. This dramatically changes how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to analyze such data. In the very near future, a business will not be able to survive without utilizing advanced information technology.

Competition is emerging not only from the same industry but also from entirely unexpected fields. Across industries, there is now a competition to overturn conventional commonsense.

Furthermore, the demand for human resources is increasing. Employees are not only evaluated by their job skills, but also by how they handle new challenges and create value.

It is my mission to create an environment where people can achieve self-fulfillment and build careers that can compete in this rapidly changing, modern society. Avinton’s greatest strength is our highly talented team who truly believes in and shares our philosophy.

Technologically, we focus on service development in the areas of AI, machine learning and big data analysis. We tailor solutions using the latest technology from overseas, including Silicon Valley. Our particular competency is the development of enterprise products from scratch without using off-the-shelf products.

In order to continue being a company that is trusted by customers around the world, we work hard and collaboratively. We eagerly take on new tasks, implement innovations into daily work life, research and develop new technologies. We will keep evolving to solve the issues of customers around the world.

We are looking for people who can think and act on their own, and solve problems. We welcome those who are willing to try new things without being bound by the rules and established concepts. Please feel free to come by our office!

How we do

  • 年に数回開催される社内交流イベントの様子。家族や友人を呼んでパーティも開催しています!
  • 様々なプロジェクトでコンサルティングを行うエンジニアがあつまる帰社日の様子。国際色豊かな職場です!

Our primary goal is to ensure client satisfaction through delivery quality. This goes all the way down to each individual in our delivery team who are personally committed to this end.

【Academy Orientation】
Our collaboration with various Universities and network of SMEs allows us to bring you the latest proven technologies to our solutions which are scalable, reliable and within budget.

Benefit from our extensive delivery experience across a variety of sectors from Telecommunications to Pharmaceuticals.

As a new team member

Network Design & Optimization (NDO) is developing and delivering design and optimization services to our customers (typicallymobile network operators) in Japan.
We conduct the design and optimization by developing and using cutting edge AI/Machine Learningtechnology, helping our customers (mobile operators) automating the optimization of their networks.

Job summary
This job role in NDO Japan consulting team will be responsible for supporting ML module development for customer delivery.
The primary focus will be in applying data mining techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems integrated with ourexisting products

Key job responsibilities
• Handling Petabyte level of raw data, data processing, exploration and verifying data integrity
• Evaluate various machine learning algorithm suitable and complexity
• Develop the machine learning model as per the customer’s requirements
• Training, testing, fine-tuning the model and scale it for production environment
• End-to-end data pipeline and data model deployment
• Perform ad-hoc analysis, data visualization and presenting results in a clear manner
• Report overall development status to AI architect
• Support technical solution for explanation towards customer

Skill & Qualifications
• Excellent understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms
• Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.
• Experience with common data science tools Python, R, Scala.
• Petabyte level data handling technique; Apache Spark
• Proficiency in using query languages such as SQL, Hive etc.
• Experience with NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB
• Experience with data visualization tools
• Strong analytical skills
• Data-oriented personality
• Great communication skills
• Minimum 2 years’ previous practical working experience for developing machine learning algorithms and models
•English language skill is mandatory

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