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Digital Analyst
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Wanted: A digital analyst for a better world

Our Better World

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  • I believe in the power of stories and am skilled in the science behind delivering the stories to consumers. I’ve managed businesses with multi-million media spend in China and across the rest of the region in Asia. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve always spearheaded projects that create...

What we do

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Our Better World tells stories to inspire action. We tell stories of people in Asia who help the vulnerable and disenfranchised. They could be youth easing the burden of the elderly, or locals creating livelihood opportunities for refugees, or mothers starting a movement to end child sexual abuse. They are people from the local communities or within the vulnerable communities. We champion a wide spectrum of causes and represent non-profits or social enterprises that are often overlooked and more in need of support.

Through stories, we create awareness on the complexity of social issues, and we shine the light on the people choosing to be part of the solution. We then provide ways for the viewers to act on the issue, join in a conversation and contribute to the featured cause.

Our Better World is the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation.

Why we do

The reason Our Better World (OBW) exists is to make people care. Care about the social issues affecting the world and compelling them to contribute and be part of the solution. We inspire this action through our storytelling. This is why we do what we do - because we believe stories have the power to inspire more people taking action to shape our better world.

How we do

Our team started 8 years ago with a three man team and this has grown to 16 today. We have been steadfast in our identity and reputation as impact storytellers. We attribute this to us living out our values by recruiting people and working with partners who believe and resonate with these values - humility, compassion and authenticity.

As a new team member

We're looking for someone who is a wizard for data, chases after the whys relentlessly, naturally curious about human behaviour and outrageously passionate about making the world better.

You are an analytical and systematic thinker who is able to collect data, transform it into insights and present the findings to the uninitiated. You are comfortable working with marketing, content creation and tech teams to create test plans to enhance web visitors’ experience. You find yourself asking “How can we tap and harness this data to create our better world?”

If you resonate with the stories we tell about people doing good in Asia, intuitively interested in social issues and are keen to use your skills to impact more lives, read on for the role and how to apply.

The Role:
● Data tracking and preparation: Work with content and marketing teams to determine the tracking and measurement requirements - to implement the tagging and ensure that the tracking codes are installed and firing correctly, maintaining data storage approach and infrastructure

● Performance reporting: Work with leadership team to determine ongoing business intelligence needs in order to design and develop web analytics reports and dashboards.

● Analysis and Insights: Uncover learnings and insights to guide search, social, inbound marketing, email and paid media campaigns, including continuously mining Google Analytics data for information and insights to improve website performance. Develop these timely insights to shape and inform product and strategies.

● Test structures for web development : Work with content, marketing, tech and UX teams to create test plans to enhance web visitors’ experience. This will include executing initiatives to drive quality web traffic to the website (eg. new features, SEO, paid media), generate leads (eg. web forms, pop-ups) and nurture leads (eg. remarketing)

● Audience understanding: Delve into enterprise level web analytics data and extracting data sets from Google Big Query database for analysis to understand consumption behaviour of our content and barriers/triggers to action.

● Enterprise-wide projects: Partner the Planning team on assignments to identify enterprise-level data gathering, mining and analysis opportunities to support business decision-making, and nurturing a data-driven culture across the organisation

About You:
● Being meticulous is second nature to you
● A flair for presenting a story around the insights behind data
● Experience in building performance dashboards using data visualisation tools (eg. Google Data Studio, Microsoft BI, Tableau)
● Strong skill in Excel, SQL and presentation tools (google slides, powerpoint etc)
● Strong analytical skills, with the ability to identify business questions, draw meaningful conclusions and develop actionable recommendations
● 2-5 years’ experience in digital marketing analytics
● Willing to learn what you don’t already know
● Committed team player with excellent people skills
If the above excites you and you believe you have what it takes for the role, with a passion to make a real difference, we want to hear from you.

** Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

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  • Wanted: A digital analyst for a better world
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