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International Event Planner Wanted!

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  • 兵庫県大学 経営学部 4回生

    2016/9 - 2016/11 セブ島、フィリピン
    2016/11 - 2017/9 バンクーバー、カナダ
    2018/5 - 2019/3 放課後Box運営
    2018/5 - 現在 株式会社No Limitインターン




What we do

International exchange student group ONE WORLD is a group that plans and manages large-scale international exchange events only with students, and was established in Osaka in 2016.

Such ONE WORLD has set up the philosophy that it is a group that recognizes differences, respects differences, and makes use of differences. This is a wide range of planning, content production, internal adjustment, external promotion measures, etc., in the planning and operation of international exchange events, and in addition, all jobs are required to have a very high level. In addition, students of various nationalities are enrolled in the student staff, so if communication is not made in line with the philosophy, the organization will immediately fall into the air. An organization that has made the most of each person's individuality since its inception can overcome any difficulties. An international exchange event held by such an organization can always improve the satisfaction of the event participants. With these words in mind, we will continue to grow into the best organization that can make use of the differences. And we would like to continue to evolve into ONE WORLD, an international student group that can be useful for the further promotion of our favorite "international exchange" and for all stakeholders involved in our group.

Why we do

We are managing international exchange events under the vision of "being the platform that connects Japan's largest foreign students and Japanese university students".

Two years have passed since its launch, and there have been hardships and difficulties, but we have overcome it because we want to face the "crisis of Japanese society" that can not be forgotten from the beginning of the establishment.

Three months after entering university, I joined an international exchange volunteer.
The idea was to provide guidance and discussion with foreign students and the university, and I felt that "I do not know how to communicate with foreigners at all."
There was also a language barrier, but I remember being shocked by the fact that they always have their own opinion, are good at active communication, and have a strong identity, and they are scared. .

Despite the same student, I felt a crisis that what this difference is. Based on this kind of original experience, through an international exchange event from among the students, not only the improvement of language skills, the imagination that can create new value, and further, the ability to actively transmit their thoughts in the international community I decided to create a place where I could feed

By all means, through our group event content, please spend an irreplaceable time.

How we do

What is event planning and management? The work of event planning and management involves a wide range of activities such as planning of the entire event, production of content and internal coordination, external promotion measures, and all jobs are required to be of very high level. However, including the representative Seto, who has practiced hundreds of events since student days, the staff have a wealth of experienced staff, there is an intern student-specific educational program in-house, and opportunities for regular in-house study sessions etc. It also provides. Therefore, even if you have no industry experience at all, you can master the basic part in about 1 month to 3 months, and from that point on you will try to create creative work, create more attractive event content, etc. can do.
Advantages of intern at N ︎o Limit-You can send original event content to the whole Kansai area!-You can experience event planning and operation, SNS operation etc. in actual battle format!-The average age of the team is 21 years, Anyway, I can work happily every day and I have more friends!-I can work while realizing my growth, with a perfect follow-up system.
I want to work with this person! ・ A person who constantly collects and sends information through SNS etc. ・ An ambitious person who wants to try anything regardless of work ・ Has an attitude to complete the work with responsibility Persons who have an entrepreneurship who want to do business in the future
Recommended for people like this "I want to improve my abilities while I am young!" "I want to make better suggestions for my needs!" "I like to relate to events! Have fun! I like it! "I like the event and I want to get more involved in the work!" "I want to dive into the working environment with a sense of the party!" "I want to work with people!"
No Limit accepts whatever you think.

As a new team member

Planning and managing international exchange events in the international student group ONE WORLD operated by our company.
The reason for international exchange is each person.
I want to broaden my sense of value through meeting people from different countries.
I want foreign friends.
I want to speak a foreign language.
I studied abroad.
I love overseas.
The International Student Exchange Organization ONE WORLD will create an event to meet Japanese university students and foreign students who want to exchange information for various purposes as described above. Most of the events are planned by internship students from the beginning, and even run. Of course, everyone will be involved from planning to operation. Planning involves forecasting needs from past data and searching for supply and demand gaps from market trends. With us, let's create an exciting world by maximizing and conveying the attraction of international exchange that is not yet known.
In this internship, first of all, we introduce an event example of “international exchange event” sponsored by our company, and show the reverse side of the production!
At the same time, we will thoroughly explain the basic knowledge on holding promotion and events. From there, you will experience the flow of event creation by actually having the internship student plan and manage the event.
You will experience the flow of event production by

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