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IT System Consultant
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Have a knack for making IT work for you? We're looking for our next talented IT System Consultant!

Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts Pte Ltd

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What we do

Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts Pte Ltd (CARE) is an established local firm partnering with global brands to push out information security and infrastructure solutions to clients. As a business, CARE also offers unique cutting edge monitoring solutions to enterprise level clients.

CARE is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Customized IT Outsourcing solutions. A recipient of multiple competency awards from Microsoft, CARE delivers the best in class IT solutions and high quality IT service to premium clients. CARE is also one of the very few IT companies in Singapore to be ISO9001:2008 Certified thus ensuring consistent good service delivery to all clients.

Why we do

CARE’s vision and mission is to provide quality IT service and solution to businesses around the world so that clients can concentrate on their core businesses without having to worry about IT. CARE will be reliable and dependable so that companies will not worry about IT problems when they encounter one knowing that we will always be there to resolve it and to propose solutions to overcome it. Most importantly, CARE wants to make IT work for companies instead of companies working for the IT.

How we do

Improvements through Technology
CARE invests in advanced technological systems that allows us to have good visibility of clients IT infrastructure at a glance. This also greatly helps us organize the enormous amount of information that passes through and optimize the workflow processes to increase efficiency. CARE’s clients can feel the difference as we are able to take note of specific requests and requirements.

Preventive Approach in Managing IT
CARE adopts a pro-active preventive approach to managing IT. The CARE team actively resolve errors or warnings which shows in the system preventing break downs. CARE does not wait until a major server breakdown or total failure to happen before reacting. In such events, clients typically feel very stressful as well because their whole operation can come to a halt.

Serious About Quality Service
CARE is serious about quality service and response time. Having enrolled into ISO 9001:2008 voluntarily, CARE gets audited every year so that our operations are examined by unbiased, external parties. This allows us to get fresh perspective for improvements and at the same time keeps us in check ensuring that we meet our SLAs. Having the ISO 9001:2008 also assures clients that the same procedures and treatment are carried out.

As a new team member

The ideal candidate:
• Good technical knowledge in Troubleshooting of PC and network related problems
• Experience in Implementing and Maintaining Backup Solutions
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Well organized, proactive and self-directed, able to perform with minimal supervision and a good team player
• Minimum 2 years technical experience.

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Company info
Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts Pte Ltd
  • 28 Senang Crescent #03-04 BizHub 28 Singapore 416601
  • Have a knack for making IT work for you? We're looking for our next talented IT System Consultant!
    Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts Pte Ltd