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Principal Data Scientist

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  • Matt is a COO at QuantumBlack Japan. QuantumBlack is the Machine Learning/AI center of excellence within McKinsey & Company. Matt's role encompasses launching and operating QuantumBlack in Japan as an Associate Partner including leading programs with clients to leverage the latest and greatest te...

  • I am responsible for McKinsey's tech talent recruiting.
    Being involved in various recruitment but my strength is particularly for AI-related tech talents.
    I get excited by meeting excellent tech talents and am looking forward to seeing the business impact that they can bring :)

  • QuantumBlack/McKinseyのシニアデータサイエンティストとして、主に機械学習モデル・パイプラインの構築をしています。統計モデリング、統計的因果推論、数理最適化などの手法も用います。以前は損害保険会社でアクチュアリー、日系コンサルティングファームでデータサイエンティストをしていました。

  • 国内大手航空会社におけるデータサイエンティストとしての挑戦からAdvanced analyticsに魅せられ、現在はQuantumBlack/マッキンゼー・アンド・カンパニーでコンサルタント 兼プロジェクトマネージャー 兼アナリティクストランスレータ として国内外の企業と共に機械学習モデルで日本のビジネスを変革

What we do

  • We established QuantumBlack to reimagine how organisations can continuously improve and outperform rivals. To do this we follow a structured method enhanced by capability building of both people and technology.

We unlock elite performance together

QuantumBlack is an advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design to improve performance outcomes for organisations.

In 2015 we became part of McKinsey & Company. Together we combine our advanced analytics, design and engineering expertise with McKinsey’s industry knowledge and organisational change management experience.

QuantumBlack was born and proven in Formula 1 – where teams live and breathe data. Today, we are still fascinated by how a marginal gain can have a significant impact on the performance of any organisation.

Why we do

  • Jeremy Palmer, CEO of QuantumBlack, gives speech at the Japan Office Launch.

Our method
We established QuantumBlack to reimagine how organisations can continuously improve and outperform rivals.

To do this we follow a structured method enhanced by capability building of both people and technology.

Our process deploys cutting-edge techniques and offers a scalable approach that targets multi-year transformations.

Clarity of Purpose
Every engagement is focused on determining what will have the biggest impact on an organisation.

Insights to Capability
We uncover robust new insights and then help our clients build capabilities to achieve continuous improvements.

Human + Machine
What we can measure and analyse, we can understand and change. We strive for clear analysis and insights from our cutting-edge technology.

How we do

Employing the best people is a key ingredient

From building cities to saving lives, our people help answer some of the world’s most worthwhile challenges.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of strategists, data scientists, engineers, and designers. We seek out curious minds both in our people and our clients. We value attention to detail. We accept ambiguity. And we care deeply about outcomes.

As a new team member

As a Principal Data Scientist at QuantumBlack in Tokyo...

You will work in multi-disciplinary environments harnessing data to provide real-world impact for organisations globally.

In this role you will influence many of the recommendations our clients need to positively change their businesses and enhance performance. You will work on complex and extremely varied data sets from some of the world’s largest organisations to solve real world problems. You will develop data science products and solutions by writing highly optimized code to advance our internal Data Science Toolbox for clients, as well as for our data science team.

You will also work with specialists in machine learning, engineering and design and add real-world impact to your academic expertise. You will be encouraged to write ‘black’ papers and present at meetings and conferences should you wish.

・MSc or PhD level in a relevant field (such as Computer Science, Machine Learning, Applied Statistics, Mathematics)
・Client-facing skills e.g. working in close-knit teams on topics such as data warehousing, machine learning
・Demonstrated leadership (thought leadership or people leadership e.g. managed project teams or direct reports)
・Experience in applying data science methods to business problems
・Programming experience in languages such as: Python, R, Scala, SQL
・Good presentation and communication skills, with a knack for explaining complex analytical concepts to people from other fields
・Knowledge of distributed computing or NoSQL technologies is a bonus
・Proven application of advanced analytical and statistical methods in the commercial world
・Strong command of both English and Japanese (N2 or above)

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QuantumBlack - A McKinsey Company -
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  • About QuantumBlack - A McKinsey Company -
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