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Chiropractor WANTED! Join our world of beauty and wellness.

Elements Wellness Pte Ltd

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  • Candy Tan

What we do

We are an established beauty and spa operator, with over 14 years in the business and have 6 wellness centre around Orchard, Somerset and Suntec City. Our group of spas, hair salons and fitness studios offer the following beauty and wellness services to our clients:

• Facial treatments
• Massages
• Slimming
• Pain Management
• Chiropractic
• Hair and Scalp services and treatments
• Fitness classes

Why we do

We strive to create a positive working environment for all staff, as we believe happy employees will create happy customers!

Our mission is to provide the best treatments for wellness and beauty.

How we do

We invest our time and energy to bring the best treatments because we strongly believe in the wellness business. We do what we do because we love it. Our therapists have a way of turning frowns upside down….they got the science behind that. But all we do is not just about making people feel good; it is also about doing their bodies and soul some good too. Our services are all thoughtfully designed, we first think of what the customer can benefit from, then we go about creating the services and hunting down the best products and technologies to support the vision.

We also try to give back to society. Sometimes you will find our staff at soup kitchens helping out, and it is just our way of appreciating our blessings.

Our brand story? It is a team of people dedicated to making others happy and improving clients' health and wellness through the power of technology, products, ancient healing traditions and the magic of touch.

As a new team member

We're looking for a chiropractor to join our team!

What you'll be doing:

- Provide professional consultation and analysis by reviewing patients' health and medical histories including information on previous injuries, surgeries, general health and lifestyle.
- Conduct physical examinations, focusing on spine and posture and noting on the range of movement.
- Arrange for diagnostic x-rays to be taken and interpret results.
- Recommend treatment methods and/or management plans based on diagnosis.
- Perform chiropractic adjustments.
- Educate and advise patients on chiropractic care and rehabilitation exercises and techniques to aid long-term recovery.
- Monitor progress of the patients' recovery.
- Build positive doctor-patient relationships.
- Maintain accurate and timely patient records.

At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

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Chiropractor WANTED! Join our world of beauty and wellness.
Elements Wellness Pte Ltd