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Server-side Engineer

株式会社Live Smart

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  • Enterprise Solution Architect, IoT Platforms. Passionate and purpose-led professional, delivering technology to address the toughest challenges, all while aspiring to revolutionize the IoT industry and create positive social change.

  • Results oriented technology sales and delivery professional with entrepreneur experience, significant experience and proven track record in innovating and turning around plans into profitable business by leveraging technology, implementing processes and methodologies while incorporating managemen...

  • 生まれ育ちはインド、米国籍。
    2016年12月、東京にて株式会社Live Smartを立ち上げる。

  • 高校生の時にプログラミングを始め、情報工学の道に進みたいと考え立命館大学情報理工学部に入学。大学時代は、センサーネットワークの研究に取り組む。

What we do

  • LS Mini
  • LS Hub

We are working on the following values.

1.Customer Obsession
  Always think about everything from the customer, starting with the customer.
  Think of everything as yourself and act.
3.Learn & Be Curious
  Always keep learning without forgetting that we are ignorant.
4.Dive Deep
  God dwells in the details. Pursuing thorough details.

Based on the above values, Live Smart is currently developing the service platform business in the living space on two axes, for individuals and corporations.

<for individuals>

We are developing software for “LiveSmart”, a platform that can operate home appliances from apps and smart speakers, with a focus on LS Mini devices.

We provide new experiences that can reduce daily labor and stress in daily life, such as home appliance operations from outside and batch operations for routine work.

Not only infrared devices but also smart locks and smart plugs can be connected. By increasing the number of devices and services that can be connected, it will be possible to provide functions that lead to an improvement in daily life at an accelerated rate.

We are also developing software for life assistants that conduct Q & A on daily life / housing, centering on LINE bots. We aim to build an ecosystem that works with external services to solve social issues.

<for coeporations>

In addition to “LS Mini” sold to individuals, we are developing software for management screens and life assistant bots for developers, with a focus on “LS Hub” devices that can connect to more communication standards.

We have partnered with developers to be able to respond to information about apartments and apartments, and to analyze user (resident) management functions and behavioral data. In the future, we aim to build an ecosystem that solves social issues in cooperation with external services.

Why we do

<Vision> Become a new social infrastructure that solves Japanese social issues

Live Smart realizes “service platform in living space”.
Living space in modern society has many problems such as watching over an aging society, women's social advancement / waiting children, security issues with CtoC services such as new private accommodation and housekeeping, redistribution of logistics, etc. due to time and place restrictions I have a lot of waste.

Accelerating the power of the IoT and sharing economy to seamlessly connect many people, devices, and services can remove this restriction and create a more open, safe, convenient, and efficient living space.

How we do

  • Japan Team
  • India Team

We focus on software and are developing daily in Japan and India to realize an open platform.

A small company that links bases in Japan, India, China, etc., with less than 20 people in the whole team, less than half of the Japanese, and develops the main software in India.
All the people who work on a small number of elite Japanese teams are very good people. Many people have an MBA.

Aiming at a company like in Silicon Valley, we are not like a Japanese company in a good sense, and because we frequently interact with overseas teams, our company is also recommended for those who want to gain experience gained overseas while in Japan.

【General meeting held overseas】

Live Smart incorporates a variety of systems to maximize comfort and maximum performance. (The following is an example)

・Freedom of clothing
Clothing and hairstyle are all free.
Employees can go to work as they are familiar

・Full flex system
Remote work is possible by applying

・Free drinks and free snacks
Various types are always available (completely free)
You can take a break when you want

・Coworking space available (there is also a beauty salon)
A stylish coworking space in the same building
Free use for changing moods and meetings. Beauty salon is also free!

・Personal vacation
Supplied separately from paid leave

・Provide smartphones for sales
There is a monitor rental for those who wish

Live Smart services are also available.
(When joining the company, LS Mini is provided)

【Introducing LiveSmart offices and members' work styles!】

As a new team member

You will be responsible for building the system infrastructure to solve the problems of living space and lead a richer life. We are looking for people who can become core players for the scalable development of LiveSmart, which works with smart speakers, smart devices, and various services. Let's create together a rapidly growing business with a global system! Please feel free to visit our office!

【Business description】
・IoT platform server side design, development and operation
・ Cooperation with public / private APIs (Smart devices and services of other companies)
・ Function creation using asynchronous and distributed processing
・ Voice platform
・ Design, development, and operation of libraries
・ Infrastructure design and construction
・ Scaling of large-scale database
・ Design and implementation of distributed migration
・ Improvement activities for automatic testing and automatic deployment
・ Construction of monitoring system using Prometheus
・ Planning, design, development and operation of the platform using our service API

【Using technology】
- Amazon Web Service
- Docker・Kubernetes
- terraform
- Node.js / TypeScript

【Qualification requirements】
※One of the following is required.
・ REST API design and construction experience
・ Application development experience using TypeScript / Node / AngularJS
・ Experience of infrastructure / service operation using cloud such as Azure / AWS / GCP
・ Infrastructure operation experience using tools such as Docker / Kubernetes
・ Experience designing, building and operating networks that require

【Desirable skills and experience】
・ Development experience using OS such as Unix / Linux
・ Experience using automated infrastructure construction tools such as terraform
・ Experience using configuration management tools such as Ansible / Chef
・ Experience designing, building and operating FW, WAF, LB
・ Operation experience of middleware such as Nginx / MariaDB / Redis
・ Infrastructure operation experience using tools

Highlighted stories

世界初・業界初、株式会社Live SmartとTradFit株式会社が戦略的業務提携契約を締結
丸の内・外国人向け総合観光案内所JNTO TICで実施される「遠隔操作営業の実証実験」に弊社IoTサービス「LiveSmart」を提供
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