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Your Language Skills are WANTED!!


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  • 1986年、東京生まれ。自由が丘や海外でWEBマーケティング関連の会社を複数経営。


    現在は主に匿名化技術、OSINT、Geolocationなどが得意です。 他も一通り話せる程度の知識はあります。



  • 人事全般

What we do

  • Our Team!
  • This is where you're going to be working!

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us.
We are Tokyo-based IT company founded in 2016.

[ What We Do... ]

*Immigration Support
We handle online visa applications for our clients worldwide.
Helping our clients travel to many different countries.

60% of inquiries are in Japanese, 35% in English, and the rest is in any language our clients are comfortable with.

FOTORIA is a matching service for photographers and for those who needs them to picture a special moments.
FOTORIA is not in English yet, but soon will be! :)


[ Who We are Hiring... ]

*Customer Success
We are currently looking for a professional in Customer Support desk.
You do NOT have to me experienced in this field, all you have to be is passionate about the job.
And be fluent(Writing based) in English.

*You do NOT have to be fluent in Japanese to work with us.
(But 99% of communications in office is in Japanese. & There are English speakers in office.)

*Work Schedule ... You will be working in shift work. Including night shifts (21:00 - 6:00).

*What to Support ... Provide customer support by e-mail (100% email) for our clients getting online visas.
Most inquiries can be handled by our e-mail templates.

Why we do

  • Our Entrance
  • Office Management Team

[ Why Do It ... ]
As we provide 24 hours service worldwide online, we wish our clients to experience the best of our service.

How we do

  • CEO
  • Huge office with unique people!

[ Our Customer Support team ... ]

4 members in total.
All of them with unique backgrounds and highly skilled both in language, and customer support!

As a new team member

FAQ ...

Q. Do you provide work permit?
A. Yes we do! We actually have several foreign employees who acquired/renewed their residence permit. (Engineer/Humanities/International Services Visa)

Q. Where is your office located?
A. At Shibuya Station. About 7 minutes walk from the station.
You can also use Omotesando Station as well.(also about 7 minutes walk)

Q. How will my interviews proceed?
A. 1. Interview with HR : You'll get to know more details of the job.
2. Interview with the Chief of the CS team *Held in Japanese. (Translator will attend if necessary.)

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    Your Language Skills are WANTED!!