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UI/UX Designer
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Want to create something impactful? Join us as a UI/UX designer.

Boogle Group Limited

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What we do

Boogle is the world’s first decentralized search engine where users are able to earn cryptocurrency as they search. Boogle’s search engine is built to be free from monopolistic control or jurisdiction restrictions on content. Its ranking and search data are stored on hybrid blockchain, ensuring decentralized control over its data, with no single entity able to have control over it, or mine it for profits without the user’s permission.
Founded in 2017, Boogle was created by co-founders Patrick Lee and Darren Goh, two Singaporeans, who saw an issue with the way Internet giants were handling user’s data on the internet. Boogle aims to roll out more products built on the hybrid blockchain in the near future.

Why we do

Most users don’t know what data manufacturers collect, how long they keep that data, and what they do with it. It’s so much easier to tick off the checkbox “Yes I’ve read the Terms & Conditions” then read the long boring lines and truly understand what the company would be doing with your data. We blindly sign away our data. As a result, data manufacturers are making money off of consumer ignorance — and we pay the price.
By building Boogle, my team and I want to change this. We want internet users to realise how valuable their data is. We want you to take ownership of your data.
Boogle’s first product is a search engine. When users create an account with us, we don’t ask for more data than necessary. We simply ask for your date of birth, and gender. When users use Boogle to search, their data is stored on blockchain. Blockchain is a database or ledger shared across a network. No single entity can access user’s search data without the user’s permission.
We want to reward internet users for using our search engine. Users will be able to earn BOO tokens with every search and every advertisement they click. The more information you allow advertisers to know about you, the more we will reward you for it. Traditional search engines sell your data. We pay you for your data.

How we do

We are a young company driven by an energetic team of people who want to bring back power to users to build the internet we want.


• Translate Business requirements into use cases and high-level customer experience requirements
• Building navigation components.
• Develop conceptual diagram, wireframes, visual mock-ups, and prototypes
• Develop and maintain detailed user-interface specifications
• Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like
• Conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback
• You will be working across functions and departments to find out user needs
• You will be making sure that the company’s brand and creative guidelines remain relevant to current industry design standards
• Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

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Boogle Group Limited
  • 62 Bendemeer Road, #06-66, Singapore 339939
  • Want to create something impactful? Join us as a UI/UX designer.
    Boogle Group Limited