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We are seeking for an Outdoor Sales to join our team!


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What we do

Best Electricity was founded in 2015 to offer competitive electricity price plans to help businesses and residential consumers lower electricity costs. Today, we power thousands of business premises in Singapore from small establishments to large scale commercial buildings. We service a diverse client portfolio include Town Councils, Banks and businesses in F&B, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Finance and more.

We pride ourselves as an innovative and dynamic energy company that delivering great value to all electricity consumers in Singapore. Our team is dedicated to providing best in class solutions at competitive prices to home and business owners.

Why we do

Helping prospect ( homeowners/business owners) to save their electricity costs as this savings can be better placed in other priorities.

How we do

Great teamwork Synergy and helpful team members

As a new team member

Door knocking for prospects(businesses) to switch their electricity if they have not done so.

Do a simple presentation to educate them and complete the paperwork for completion.

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We are seeking for an Outdoor Sales to join our team!