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Social media content marketing intern
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Creative and savvy content marketers who believe in the power of words.

Heroes of Digital

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What we do

As a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Agency Partner, we are one of the top integrated digital marketing agency that helps SMEs drive sales with strategic digital marketing and machine-learning technology. We constantly adopt the latest technology to help our clients produce better results.

The team at Heroes of Digital gets to learn, grow, and help our clients grow their businesses everyday. Our work creates jobs, revenue, and sustainability for local companies. We go above and beyond to deliver the best work for our clients, so that they can be better than their competitors, and stay ahead of the game.

We are consistently beating professional benchmarks by 200-300% and saving marketing costs of up to 50% for our clients.

Others call this work. We call it our calling.

Because the impact we make on our clients'​ lives is far-reaching and real. Along the way, the friendships and camaraderie we've built make it more than a job. It's a way of life.

Why we do

Our mission is to save companies from ineffective marketing.

How we do

  • Company trip to Bali

Heroes of Digital is one of the top digital marketing agency for SMEs in Singapore that takes pride in adopting an open and non-corporate culture.

The team shares a common value: #clientsaboveall

We put our clients above all else, sometimes even sacrificing some profits to go above and beyond to ensure success for our clients campaigns. That is what makes us unique and gives us satisfaction. This company's value is not something we hang on the wall, but rather something we live out every single day.

We have a high client-retention rate because of our culture and team spirit.

Team spirit is also built up with regular team bonding activities because we believe that good culture in the workplace is crucial to producing great work.

We adopt a business objective-driven approach to working with clients with the sole aim of helping clients grow their revenue through strategic digital marketing and machine-learning technology. We pride ourselves as an advisor to our clients, not a typical vendor.

We live by a set of 10 Commandments that allow us to consistently produce results for clients:

1) Thou shall not focus on vanity metrics like clicks and impressions, but instead, focus on leads and sales generated.

2) Thou shall not blindly run digital marketing campaigns based on gut feeling or creativity, but instead based on data.

3) Thou shall not be afraid to shoot other agencies who are doing poor work for clients.

4) Thou shall not lie to clients and overpromise on expected results.

5) Thou shall not take orders from clients who think they know better than experienced digital marketing experts from Canny Digital.

6) Thou shall not run any digital marketing campaigns without tracking mechanisms installed because we will have no way to measure success or improve.

7) Thou shall not see each digital marketing channel as a separated tactic, but as part of an integrated strategy to achieve growth.

8) Thou shall not treat all clients as equal, because every client is unique and has different business challenges.

9) Thou shall not treat clients as clients, but instead as partners in growth.

10) Thou shall not settle for mediocrity.


Looking for a Social Media Content Marketing intern to assist Account Managers and Campaign Managers in creating creative, engaging and persuasive content for clients in various industry.

Your job scope:

Plan and write social media content for clients
Collaborate with designers to create attention-grabbing designs
Plan and write email marketing campaigns
Write informative blog posts that educate readers
Collaborate with photographers/videographers

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Heroes of Digital
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  • Creative and savvy content marketers who believe in the power of words.
    Heroes of Digital