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Resort Manager
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Love to work with a super brand, in a luxury landscape in Maldives? We're looking for you!

Brand Legacy Partners Pte Ltd

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What we do

  • Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverages
  • Tonino Lamborghini Cafe Bar

We provide a one-stop Luxury Lifestyle services and products which cover super brand, luxury beverages, F&B, hospitality, retails, etc. and we make them possible for everyone.

Why we do

  • Tonino Lamborghini Yacht Party

We understand Luxury Lifestyle is a Want increasingly to be satisfied if you could since yesterday. But the access of it seems impossible as it is believed it is only meant for the wealthy and it is not for everyone.

How we do

We work with super brands with a special licenses and created a platform which allowed more people to afford it.


First in the world resort in Maldives with great potential. It is probably the most challenging, but it promises to offer a most rewarding experience and career opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities:
- Manage and responsible for resort operations.
- Manage, train and motivate resort management team and staff.
- Comply with all procedures and standards as set out in the staff manuals.
- Ensure excellent communication between resort management team, and with resort staff.
- Check all fire safety documentation is in place and adhered to.
- Ensure health and hygiene standards are met.
- Maintain a high profile within the resort.
- Responsible to have regular positive contact with guests throughout their stay.
- Maintain the coordination with the overseas management team.
- Make sure that the resort stays within budget.
- Responsible for organizing management team duties and rotas.
- Monitor overall resort expenditure and completing weekly accounts.
- In charge of welcoming resort independent arrivals.
- Responsible to arrange and conduct weekly meetings with staff and with resort management team.
- Carrying out disciplinary procedures when necessary and supervision of staff accommodation to ensure standards are being adhered to.

Skills and Specifications:
- Team working skills to do the job.
- Able to work professionally and flexibly.
- With an outgoing character and hardworking.
- Excellent numeric, administrative and organizational skills.
- 10-15 years of experiences in related industries preferred.
- Profiles of past successful projects required.
- You are required to work in Maldives and maybe some other islands in other countries in future.

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Brand Legacy Partners Pte Ltd
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  • Love to work with a super brand, in a luxury landscape in Maldives? We're looking for you!
    Brand Legacy Partners Pte Ltd