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Market Researcher (South Korea)
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  • Droston Tang is the Sales and Business Development Director for Nextevo, a startup focusing on the Upcycling of Agriculture Residues in Southeast Asia. Nextevo focuses on three core industries: Urban Greens, Sustainable Textile and Natural Fibre Composites.

    Prior to joining Nextevo, Droston was ...

What we do

  • Agriculture Residue as a Resource

We are a dynamic startup in Singapore, with production capacities in Indonesia and Thailand. Our goal is to utilize agriculture residue (primarily from coconut husk and pineapple leaf) by turning it to a versatile 100% natural fibre and natural polymer, including coir pith (coco peat). The raw materials derived from agriculture waste are environmentally sustainable (all-natural, biodegradable and recyclable) and we can contribute a significant part to the circular economy. Currently, non-conventional materials such as plastic, leather and medium density fibreboard are non-sustainable and our supply of agriculture residues are capable of being harnessed as viable long-term alternatives. The application is diverse and can be used in textile, building materials, furniture/furnishing applications, automobile components, sporting apparels, etc. The market trends on using sustainable products are expanding and gaining rapid momentum globally with growth spikes in Europe and North America. Scalability is our competitive advantage as our equity partners are significant coconut and pineapple producers.

Why we do

  • Urban Greens, Sustainable Textile & Natural Fibre Composites

Towards Zero Waste, Utilizing bountiful Re-purposed, Environmentally-friendly Resource

How we do

  • Team Nextevo

A dynamic, fast-paced and fast-growing startup with offices in Singapore and Jakarta. No short of adventure, career growth and serious work!


We're on the hunt for driven individuals who are looking to gain experience through an intense series of market research projects and you’ll be sure to pick up some new tricks in our pioneering startup. This is an exciting opportunity to take up this intense, multi-tasking role and contribute to global sustainability.

Nextevo is currently looking at two positions: (1) Market Research for China and (2) Market Research for South Korea.

We are looking for Interns who can commit for 1 month or part timer who can commit 16 hours a week.
You will be:
* Take charge of market research, surveys, cold calling, work on excels, manage meetings, prepare last minute presentations plus other similar ad-hoc projects.
* Participate and administer the timeline / schedule for discussions, meetings and follow-ups amongst our internal stakeholders and departments.
* Prepare business cases including sales and marketing plans with partnership targets, budget and tactics.
* Prepare paperwork and be comfortable crystallizing workflow and process simply.
* Prepare media-worthy content for possible press releases, articles and keynote presentations.

Note: Due to the dynamism of our start-up, roles and business activities may change along the way.

** For the part-time engagement for full-time international students, please refer to Ministry of Manpower: for the eligible institutions.


* Education: Undergraduate, Graduate or equivalent Postgraduate Qualifications in Textile, Materials Science, BioTechnology, Chemical Engineering and/or Horticulture
* Proficiency in English and Korean, both writing and conversation
* Positive, pro-active attitude and self-motivated, with good problem solving skills
* Understand ecosystem and that our stakeholder's success is our success
* Strive on uncertainty and always looking for an adventurous ride
* Extremely disciplined yet able to flex at different scenarios
* Good at connecting with people, understanding their needs, concerns and objectives
* Communicate extremely well and clearly, in writing or in person
* A natural at pitching and are ready to tell our story to the world!
* Care about our values of Innovation, Environment and Sustainability

If this sounds like a challenge for you, ping us for a chat.

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  • 111 Middle Road, National Design Centre, #03-01, Singapore 188969
  • 강렬한 프로젝트 참여를 원하십니까? 최고의 기회를주세요!