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New Product Development Specialist

A stretched R&D role identifying and commercialising Innovation to solve global environment challenges


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  • Droston Tang is the Sales and Business Development Director for Nextevo, a startup focusing on the Upcycling of Agriculture Residues in Southeast Asia. Nextevo focuses on three core industries: Urban Greens, Sustainable Textile and Natural Fibre Composites.

    Prior to joining Nextevo, Droston was ...

What we do

  • Agriculture Residue as a Resource

We are a dynamic startup in Singapore, with production capacities in Indonesia and Thailand. Our goal is to utilize agriculture residue (primarily from coconut husk and pineapple leaf) by turning it to a versatile 100% natural fibre and natural polymer, including coir pith (coco peat). The raw materials derived from agriculture waste are environmentally sustainable (all-natural, biodegradable and recyclable) and we can contribute a significant part to the circular economy. Currently, non-conventional materials such as plastic, leather and medium density fibreboard are non-sustainable and our supply of agriculture residues are capable of being harnessed as viable long-term alternatives. The application is diverse and can be used in textile, building materials, furniture/furnishing applications, automobile components, sporting apparels, etc. The market trends on using sustainable products are expanding and gaining rapid momentum globally with growth spikes in Europe and North America. Scalability is our competitive advantage as our equity partners are significant coconut and pineapple producers.

Why we do

  • Urban Greens, Sustainable Textile & Natural Fibre Composites

Towards Zero Waste, Utilizing bountiful Re-purposed, Environmentally-friendly Resource

How we do

  • Team Nextevo

A dynamic, fast-paced and fast-growing startup with offices in Singapore and Jakarta. No short of adventure, career growth and serious work!


We are currently looking for New Product Development Managers/Specialists to join our dynamic team and embark on this journey together to deliver green and sustainable products.

○ Initiate, formulate and develop textile products from 100% natural fibre. The textile products are for both wide market categories: (a) Lifestyle material (fabrics and trims) such as sports textile and (b) Drapery, sheer, upholstery and furnishing fabrics for hospitality industry
○ Research, design and develop environmentally sustainable products for manufacture
○ Ensure that the material concepts, compositions and certifications are continuously assessed and achieved to support the category/market needs and the overall cost-engineering of the products
○ Establish, develop and work on research including coordination with top-class research institutions globally and with our key customers in various natural material applications
○ Establish and maintain a close relationship with both internal (production) and external stakeholders (clients) on textile development, market requirements, product management, quality control and design
○ Manage internal material library for fabrics and trims with correct product specifications and ensure that the necessary standards are met with regards to suitable fabric and trim applications in both market categories
○ Keep abreast of market trends and industry development and initiate new products / components / concepts in textile and fashion-related disciplines
○ Ensure all business activities comply with ethical requirements of Product Development and Intellectual Property

○ Education: Bachelor’s Degree in a Textile or equivalent postgraduate qualification in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Process Development
○ 3-5 years in the Textile Research and Development
○ IT Skills in MS Office including Adobe Suite Softwares
○ Strong knowledge of fabric construction/composition, yarn and fibre types, and international testing standards especially in natural fibres
○ Inquisitive and Observant with an excellent eye for colour
○ Self-motivated and comfortable working in a fast-paced, fast growing environment
○ Highly organized with the flexibility and ability to manage multiple projects at various stages simultaneously
○ Requires some business travel
○ Care about our values of Innovation, Environment and Sustainability

If this sounds like a challenge for you, share with us with your expertise and we'll be in touch. Thank you for your interest in Nextevo and our mission towards Environment and Sustainability.

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Looking for New Product Development Specialist
Job type Full-time
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Industries Industrial Supplies / Apparel / Beauty / Education / Research

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