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What we do

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Soho is the LinkedIn for property, the social network & marketplace for real estate where you can browse properties and chat directly with investors, agents, buyers and renters.

We are a completely free platform for listing properties and for property seekers to connect directly with a real estate community, allowing you to stay on top of the market trends, follow real estate influencers and get real time property alerts of newly listed properties in your areas of interest.

Why we do

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The online property industry has not evolved in over a decade and is still a pay-to-list classifieds based industry. We're changing the game by bringing about an evolution to the industry in the same way that LinkedIn evolved the job seeking industry using a social network for professionals. We feel that finding your dream home should be much easier and that you shouldn't only be limiting your search to only the properties listed on the market at that point in time, but have the ability to reach out to anyone in the network at any time who are looking for properties.

How we do

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About Us
● All our activities are driven by our core mission statement which helps us prioritise our project priorities
● We’re a team of experienced individuals who are clear on what we need to achieve and by when
● We focus on delivering results and ensure we have the discipline to check results after every project
● We’re passionate, driven and kick ass as a team


We're looking for a hard-working, dynamic and passionate candidate to join us as our Digital Marketing Intern. Essentially you will be central in getting Soho to status of world domination in the Prop Tech Industry. This will be a fast-paced role where you will undertake a diverse range of duties to help market Soho to real estate agents, developers, home owners and home seekers.

You will be responsible for:

- Strategising and managing our digital marketing efforts:
- Paid campaigns
- Lead generation campaigns
- Lead nurturing campaigns
- Managing our content efforts – It will be your job to create new content and ensure its distributed effectively across digital channels; our website, Facebook, Linkedin etc.
- Managing and amplifying our message on social channels – As well as distributing content, you'll be heavily engaged in running campaigns to maximise our reach online and will have access to our team of specialists in Singapore to help you.
- Draft, manage and send emails – Part of your role will be in executing our nurturing strategy.
- Database Management – You will be responsible for ensuring that the data we have is maintained properly in our CRM.
- Miscellaneous tasks: You need to be the type of person that will jump into a range of tasks with excitement and as a sense of opportunity.

What you will gain:

- Mentoring from an experienced team and successful entrepreneur
- Chance to gain valuable experience being in an entrepreneurial environment.
- You will be in a role where you will be have an actual impact rather than the stale corporate work environment.
- You will learn knowledge and skills to effectively engage with all stake holders in the real estate industry and much more.

About You
Your passion, drive and determination will be the key to your success in this role. This is what we are looking for:

- A genuine & outgoing people person
- Pursuing a degree/diploma in marketing (or relevant degree; business, communications etc)
- An unparalleled work ethic. We won't be expecting 8am to 8pm type hours - we expect you to have a life. That said, we don't want a clock watcher either.
- A strong attention to detail
- Great communication skills (written and verbal)
- Interest in the real estate sector
- Currently based in Singapore
- Want to be an Entrepreneur more than anything else in the world!

Basic info
Looking for Marketing Intern
Job type Internship / Full-time
Company info
Industries IT (Internet/Mobile) / Construction / Real Estate / Home

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