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Are you a hard worker who loves challenges? FULL TIME VIDEO CREATOR WANTED!

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What we do

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The Nas Daily Media Company makes videos that are creative, authentic and real. From thousands of potential people, we assembled the best team of Facebook creators to make videos that engage audiences. We make videos about different topics, but our mission is the same.

Why we do

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We can work with anyone, anywhere. We have a team of creators from around
the world ready for any kind of project.

"That's 1 minute, see you tomorrow"

How we do

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After creating 1,000 videos in 1,000 days and amassing 12m followers on Facebook,
Nas and his team have opened up the door to working with brands. We specialize in
making authentic videos that communicate a message really fast and really well.
If we can make it work on Facebook, we can make it work anywhere!


The Nas Daily Media Company is looking for full-time video creator!

We are looking for hard-working individuals with good work ethics!

# Responsibilities would include:

- Assist in planning and creating video content

- Assist in editing videos

- Rapid turn over for shoots and edits

- Able to handle all aspects of pre-production and post-production work

- Adhere to strict deadlines

- Able to work under pressure

# Skills required

- Good problem-solving skills

- Final cut pro proficient

- Able to use latest cameras and lenses

- Has a creative eye for shots

- Initiative in ideating and executing ideas

- Able to work independently while fulfilling all responsibilities

- Able to work in groups effectively when required

- Good communication skills

- To always have initiative

### Previous experience with listed responsibilities/skills is required

Thank you!

Basic info
Looking for Video Creator
Job type Full-time

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