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Backend Engineer for SpeakBuddy


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  • "英語0点から勉強して英検一級TOEICほぼ満点の社長"
    ・米UC Irvineに留学し、マーケティングのCertificateを取得

  • iOS Developer。

    Arduino、Raspberry Pie、センサーいろいろ

  • こんにちは。カスタマーサポート担当の大谷です。

  • サーバサイド担当のエンジニアです。

What we do

  • Learning English with your AI-buddy
  • "Speak for the Future" is our slogan

Our vision is for everyone to acquire true English speaking skills using AI English conversation technology.

Our company appArray is a start-up company developing the app SpeakBuddy. Our app utilizes voice recognition, AI conversation, and digital pronunciation technology to teach English conversation skills to our users. SpeakBuddy recently reached number one on the app store's Education App ranking and our number of users is continuing to grow.

SpeakBuddy has been listed on the app store's recommended app list many times and we are aiming to develop and provide the ideal foreign language acquisition experience to our users.

Why we do

  • Towards a multi-lingual world
  • Aiming for global talent

Our mission is to create a multilingual age.

We believe that if you can speak another's language, you can reach not only their minds, but their hearts as well and that by speaking a foreign language, your life will become richer.

However, because it is rare for most people to have a large amount of in person conversations that are necessary to acquire a foreign language, we believe that it is absolutely necessary for us to develop this sort of language learning app, where an AI robot can become a user's conversation partner.

We want to provide people who want to live and work abroad a more modern way to study foreign languages, and expand their life choices.
Through our work, we hope to create a world where we can help as many people do this as possible.

How we do

  • Developing a world-leading service
  • Effective communications

As a company, we are trying to create a dream team of AI conversation developers while also aiming to be a professional start-up company.
Our chief Server Engineer did a doctorate in Computer Science in Europe. Our Lead Client Side Engineer came from a large game development company and graduated from a university that specialized in foreign languages. Our Designer came from a top design firm in Australia. And, our CEO worked at an investment bank with foreign clients, became a certified accountant at the youngest possible age, and has a TOEIC score of 985 points. Many of our other team members also speak English at a native level.

As a new team member

Backend Engineer for AI English Education App

As a backend engineer in appArray, you will be responsible for a wide range of tasks with a small but experienced team of developers.

Your main task is designing and developing SpeakBuddy's backend services, however, it also varies from designing new features for further efficiency of English learning, collecting and analyzing users' behavior on the app, building, managing and monitoring infrastructure to R&D regarding machine learning and natural language processing.

You don't necessarily need to be well familiarized with all of these tasks, but possessing a passion to learn to do them and to improve your current skill sets is important.

◇ Technologies
Programming language: Kotlin, Python, Ruby
Framework: Spring Boot, Vue.js
Infrastructure: AWS, GCP
Platform: Docker, Kubernetes(k8s)
AI Platform: AWS SageMaker
Management tool: Ansible, Terraform
Test tools: JUnit
Tools: Git, GitLab, BitBucket, Slack, Datadog
Development Method: Agile, Pull request based code review, CI based automatic test

◇Minimum qualifications
- At least 1 year of experience in Java, Python, Ruby, Kotlin and/or back-end skills.
- At least 1 year of experience in operating and managing REST API based services
- JLPT Level 2 or equivalent verbal skill in Japanese

(※) For EP application, non-Japanese candidates must fulfill following requirement:-
- At least 10 years of working experience in related field
- Must possess BS degree or above

◇Preferred qualifications
- Development experience in other programming languages (Kotlin preferred)
- Web front-end development (Vue.js)
- Build and manage infrastructure on AWS an GCP
- Development experience in machine learning and NLP

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  • Backend Engineer for SpeakBuddy