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What we do

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Tookitaki is providing enterprise software solutions that create sustainable compliance programs for the financial services industry. We are innovating the regulatory compliance space by developing software solutions to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of compliance processes.

Tookitaki means hide-and-seek in Bengali, an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the Bengalis in South Asia. Hiding and seeking is a frequently demonstrated cognitive ability of human beings. In the current business scenario, where ‘data takes on a life of its own’, we at Tookitaki use machine learning to construct an automated model to simulate the hide/seek behavior in humans.

Why we do

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To revolutionize regulatory compliance and ensure sustainable compliance programs for every financial institution in the world

How we do

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Prime Focus on Clients
We have a must-win approach when it comes to client experience, engagement, thought process, collaboration and responsiveness.

Grit towards pursuit of excellence
We work with perseverance and see it to the end in our journey to be innovators and problem solvers par excellence.

Teamwork and family ambience
We act like a close-knit family and treat each other with care and respect to achieve greater values to the organization and the society.

Continuous innovation
We believe in change and evolution and always strive to be better every day.


The data science team is responsible for solving business problems on complex data. Data complexity could be characterized in terms of volume, dimensionality and multiple touchpoints/sources. We understand the data, ask fundamental-first-principle questions and apply our analytical and machine learning skills to solve the problem in the best way possible. The problems that we tackle are focused on our 2 products/IP related to anti-money laundering (AML) and financial exception management. In addition, the team plays a pivotal role in shaping company IP, primarily in area of approach, model selection, model tuning and feature
engineering, so that engineering can take this up and automate the same via a pipeline

Our Ideal Candidate

• Identifying the key problems faced by our clients and the AML product, and executing a research plan to solve it;
• Implementing solutions to upgrade feature engineering and modelling pipelines of the AML product;
• Maintaining effective communication with the product, delivery and engineering teams, and providing sufficient assistance based on priorities


• Prior experience in Python and Spark;
• Ability to execute research plan using machine learning technologies;
• (Excellent problem-solving skills;
• Expertise in NLP, graph database and graph algorithms would be a plus.
• Deep experience in big data would be a plus.
• Relevant work experience of 3-5 years

AMLS focus areas for the role

• Name Screening
a. Building NLP pipeline to extract essential profile information from free text;
b. Finding the best solution to do entity resolution;

• Transaction Monitoring
c. Upgrading the unsupervised pipeline to do more effective clustering and anomaly detection;
d. Building a link analysis pipeline using graph databases and algorithms;
e. Upgrading the supervised pipeline by improving on feature engineering and making clustering more effective

Desired Non-technical Requirements

• Very strong communication skills both written and verbal
• Strong desire to work with start-ups
• Must be a team player


Basic info
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Job type Full-time

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