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What we do

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Titans Marketing Group provides a platform for companies who wish to engage in Personal Selling or Sales Promotion activities. As specialized face-to-face marketing organization with a proven track record, we provide the strategy techniques and the fulfilment to enable our clients to create nationwide awareness and assist them to take their products/services directly to their chosen customers.

Why we do

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Today, Titans Marketing Group is known for its relentless pursuit of perfection in providing sales & marketing services for the clients, by profession. The use of cutting-edge sales skills, extensive field testing by top performers within the industry and constant fine-tuning have produced a line of award-winning services, each created to give every client out there the competitive edge.

How we do

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Over the years, Titans has established itself as the sales & marketing brand for clients that connects with all consumers, regardless of age, genre, and needs, by staying true to its mission, and continually delivering the best. Titan’s commitment to the sales & marketing industry can also be seen in its sponsorship of client events, exhibition fairs, and a diverse group of sales professional. All this has earned Titans Marketing Group a formidable following of devoted fans, both clients and consumers.

As the sales & marketing industry continues to thrive, Titans Marketing Group is positioned firmly on the forefront, armed with passion, determination and marketing innovations that are ready to take up any challenges ahead of us. Hence we need you to be part of our Titanic embarkment.


“When there’s a will, there’s always a way.”

That’s exactly what we believe in having the best for you. Whether you are looking for a new industry to venture into or starting out your first ever step into the workforce, we believe in showing you the way towards what you will need in life.

Key responsibilities that you are empowered into:
- Be involve in a leading role in all sales & marketing activities execution
- Develop high-impact and innovative customer acquisition strategies through below the line marketing methods
- Provide proactive and innovative coaching session for different groups of people within the company

We need the “WILL” in you, because we commit to find the way for you:

So what is required for you?
- Willingness to challenge yourself
- Independent yet compassionate when comes to team play
- Love to interact with various types of people as our industry solely is about relationship
- Learning and adaptive attitude – be great

Sounds like your cup of tea? It’s not done yet because we are just about to get started.

Long term exciting benefits we have for you includes:
- Two monthly travelling opportunities to various countries to keep your learning and exposure endless
- Career advancement base on merits
- Dynamic working environment to keep your work upbeat and forward looking daily

Take the road less taken towards your success with us now! Simply click on "Want to Visit" and attach your resume in your Wantedly profile and we will be in touch.

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60 Paya Lebar Road, #07-29 @ Paya Lebar Square

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