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Senior Marketing Strategist
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Looking for a passionate and innovative Senior Marketing Strategist. We want to meet you!


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  • Arvin is the person responsible for growth strategy and demand generation at AKÏN. As the Managing Director, he champions brand storytelling, strategies, and technological innovation for both internal and external stakeholders for government, regional enterprises, and global companies.

What we do

As an integrated brand marketing agency, we help brands define and amplify their purpose to forge meaningful relationships with people. We work with stakeholders to solve business challenges and identify opportunities, helping brands and their products innovate, ensuring relevance and resonance within the market. We create these relationships through our marketing interventions, manifested through our knowledge of digital platforms and brand strategy to help organisations achieve their growth objectives.

We are strategists, consultants, designers, marketers, creatives and all the labels you may call us for the things we can do. We challenge the status quo and we make growth happen.

Together, with you.

Why we do

Creating a world of ‘Human’ Brands
A ‘Human’ brand as defined by an alignment of Core, Body Realm


This needs a #throwback to the founding of our parent product development company, Techlyon. As people started approaching them for product and innovation consultations, we soon realised that brands didn’t just need help with technical development, but with client acquisition too.

With a shared mission to set the human standard for marketing, our founders joined forces to start AKÏN - a company that enable businesses to grow through Technological, Brand and Inbound Interventions.

How we do

But how do we help organisations achieve real growth?

We brought our skills of brand and technological innovations together with the philosophy of marketing. We build infrastructure and tools to facilitate interfacing brands and people, and rightfully so with the speed of today’s chatter in the digital world. We cut through the noise to build experiences that live between organisations and people - that’s the growth we’re looking for.

Values we live and work by
• LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN: We believe it’s always possible
• BE LIKE A THREE-LEGGED TABLE: We take risks and we do new ideas
• IT STARTS WITH THE HEART: If it matters to you, it matters to us.
• ENABLING OTHERS: It’s all about the partnership and collaboration.

As a new team member

As the Senior Marketing Strategist (or a brand strategist / marketing planner), your role is to oversee marketing and business strategies.

You will keep our team and project executions in sync, from concept through to completion, and to ensure quality and efficiencies of work. This position requires building upon previous experience in project management, knowledge of marketing best practices and analytics and creative production.

The core role in your job would be in advising on the strategies for existing accounts and new pitches. You would also be instrumental in driving projects from concept to launch and be confident in devising strategies that consider all aspects of marketing mix, with your key focus in ensuring the achieving of client goals and KPIs.

As a brand strategist or marketing planner, you’ll be expected to have the in-depth expertise in your specialisation, as well as broad visions across the various disciplines to enable in your strategy calls.

Most importantly, you’ll will have the business acumen in ensuring ROIs on marketing strategies. You’re also an arriviste who enjoys identifying business opportunities and driving new initiatives, for brand and growth.

Starting from the role as a marketing planner, there will be expectations to run the team independently, to defend and increase our revenue, and to assist in broader team and business management; the latter two will increase in scope as you grow your capabilities towards the role of a lead.

There will be assigned KPIs to measure this, which will be a measure to your performance (note: soft skills are as valued and important as hard skills).

Research and strategy:
• Ability to lead research and project briefs to distill insights required to make effective calls for projects or pitches
• Be able to point team / team members towards relevant direction or hypothesis to conduct research
• Be able to consolidate learnings from the team, tying it together, translating and elevating it into a business relevant outcome
• Be informed on latest developments in the world of marketing and understand the impact on the recommendations we make
• Be able to prioritise project revenue, budgets with output, internal team and resources

• Proactive in driving initiatives and positive change within the company
• Proactive in contributing creative and innovative ideas for running accounts
• Work with key heads of business and disciplines to optimise business efficiencies
• Takes charge of given tasks to completion, self-educating if necessary. Coaches and trains new skill-sets for the team or members when tasked, and is proactive in training members of team to elevate quality of work and skill sets beyond day-to-day project work by understanding broader workings (e.g. Arvin giving crash course on UX)
• Listens well and gives constructive feedback
• Leading and dealing with ambiguity; stepping up when needed
Project responsibilities:
• Overall growth and development of accounts and ensuring financial goals on accounts
• Able to provide strategic advice across channels (e.g. in accordance with client’s business, brand, martech integrations and relevant supporting approaches such as digital, content or tech applications)
• Maintaining a high level of performance by the account teams and other agency personnel as needed
• Being sufficiently informed and personally involved, ensuring sound planning, good service and a solid client/agency relationship
• Plans, develops, and defends budget recommendations, work goals, measurements, and training requirements necessary to provide both quality and profitable service to clients

Project skills:
• Fluent in the workings, language and lexicon of various disciplines helming our business i.e. creative, content, digital strategy, martech and branding
• Overseeing strategy for accounts, troubleshooting and delivering key results for clients – working with the team to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals
• Identify and consult growth resulting in additional business opportunities for clients and assist in executing strategies against those opportunities when necessary
• Anticipating trends that may influence our work in relation to client’s businesses
•  Conduct competitive analyses or other business research to develop relevant insights to inform marketing strategy
• Work with various stakeholders to assist in day-to-day operations with an eye for increasing workflow efficiency

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  • Looking for a passionate and innovative Senior Marketing Strategist. We want to meet you!