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Unleash your potential! Social Media Community Ops Wanted!


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What we do

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The world keeps changing, and we can get on board or be left behind.

We’re empowering global citizens excited by change. Our learning memberships offer access to deep dive into the intersections between business, technology and culture through daily classes in our network of inspiring co-learning spaces. From AI, esports, K-pop or even brain art - this is your weekly education about the drivers of the evolving global economy.

Why we do

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Education in the 21st century can no longer be about making a one-time investment at the start of our careers. We need to expand our skills, our stories and our supporters. By making learning part of our weekly routine, we will sharpen our personal and professional selves to make better decisions, take on complex problems and actively participate in a changing world.

Every dose of NewCampus will leave you brimming with newfound knowledge, strong takeaways and valuable networks of interesting people—everything you need to turn change into your thing.

How we do

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Our classes are designed to empower people to become broader thinkers, more empathetic leaders, creative innovators, better communicators and global citizens.

- Important and relevant
Trends and innovations that are shaping changes in global culture and the knowledge economy.
- Adaptive
Our curriculum moves and adapts at the speed of the news.
- Diverse
Global voices bring varied perspectives and ways of conceptualizing and solving problems.


Main role - Social Media Marketing
You will get to manage our business Social Media pages (mainly Facebook), and work with our Ads Manager on refining campaigns.
Your tasks:
• Creating micro-content (visuals)
• Managing comments and messages
• Running new initiatives on our Social Media pages
• Promoting our classes on digital platforms

Secondary role - Community Ops
Be it online or offline community, you can lend a helping hand too!
Your tasks:
• Newsletter creation
• Assist in planning and creating social events
• Facebook group management

Basic info
Looking for Social media & community
Job type Internship
Company info
Founded on February, 2019
Headcount 10 members
Industries IT (Telecom/SI/Software) / Education / Research

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WeWork City House - 36 Robinson Road

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