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Assistant Producer

Want to make a difference in Singapore movies? Assistant Producer Wanted


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  • I work in Blue3Asia as associate producer. I help the executive producer oversee all projects, in aspects of development, production and marketing.

What we do

Blue3Asia is founded by filmmaker Daniel Yun, in partnership with Gushcloud.
The company produces narrative film content for traditional and online platforms across Asia.
Blue3Asia has produced unique film projects such as "15 Shorts" with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, and film series "I Do" with the Singapore Cancer Society.

Why we do

Blue3Asia aims to...
create cutting-edge films that are topical.
discover and work with new and emerging filmmaking talents.
bring online and traditional filmmaking together.
push the boundaries of commercial and mainstream filmmaking in Singapore and the region.

How we do

Film producers manage all aspects of production. Ranging from:
pitching (and making presentations)
script development
the production process
working with directors
marketing of the film

As a new team member

Film producing is a challenging and important role, which encompasses development, pitching, production, marketing and business management. The producer manages relationships with clients, investors and film directors. It is essentially project management for movies (and not a production management role).

The films that we make here are very different from what is currently seen on screens in Singapore, and we'll like to work with new and emerging talents to develop a new force in the industry.

The assistant producer will assist producers in these aspects over all projects. It is a good opportunity to work with reputed veterans in Singapore, and new and emerging talents, and get a bird's eye view over all aspects of filmmaking.

The candidate must be able to take stress and work under pressure. The demanding role requires multi-tasking skills and mindfulness. There should be a willingness to learn, make mistakes, and think out of the box. Candidates must be able to speak their mind.

This role is a unique inroad to the film industry. However, a love for film and storytelling is paramount to survive and thrive in the industry.

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  • Want to make a difference in Singapore movies? Assistant Producer Wanted