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Business Development Executive

We are looking for our next Business Development Executive (ASEAN) to propel us into the future!

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What we do

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Mona Far East Pte Ltd. (MFE) is a procurer, distributor, and reseller of hi-tech Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products used primarily for scientific research and industrial application. We were incorporated in 1995 in Singapore.

Why we do

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We aim to become an industry leader in the supply of OEM products and simultaneously drive customer satisfaction through quality, value for money and reliable service.

How we do

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We operate in the Space & Satellites, Energy, Petro-Chemical and other heavy engineering sectors and supply parts for mechanical, automation, ground engineering, hydraulics, and electronic applications. Through quality service at highly competitive prices, we emerged as a supplier of choice for companies in South Asia and South-East Asia.


We have been in business for 25 years but recognize that despite the value of this experience, young -fresh blood is necessary to evolve and grow. To facilitate our market penetration and expansion strategies in the ASEAN region, we are looking for someone who can:

-Reach out to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts users in the ASEAN region.

-Use professional networking sites to reach out to both suppliers and customers.

-Update and maintain company website and LinkedIn account.

-Prepare quotations and manage other company documentation.

-Use Microsoft Office skills for administrative work.

Basic info
Looking for Business Development Executive
Job type Internship

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Sim Lim Tower, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208787

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