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Expierienced & Edgy Designer

Looking for an independent Designer to develop graphics for products!!

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  • To rebel is to react. Deciding on your own is freedom.

What we do

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The Other Fruit® is your global direct collaboration utility. Privately set personal ideals and guarantees. Own real world contracts + copyrights with confidential decentralized security

Why we do

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Making Choice Personal

How we do

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End-to-end encryption, anonymized blockchain security and the Real-World Smart Contract®


Work with the art director to determine projects

Advise on strategies to reach dynamic quality standards

Create on-brand works that identify our niche

Develop graphics for product illustrations, logos and websites

Review designs for errors before printing or publishing them

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Basic info
Looking for Expierienced & Edgy Designer
Job type Full-time
Company info
Founded on January, 2017
Headcount 13 members
Industries Financial Services / Insurance / IT (Internet/Mobile) / Education / Research

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9th Floor, 33 Des Voeux Rd, Central, Hong Kong

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