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Unearth the Why! Ingenious Client Service Executive WANTED!

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What we do

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Born in 2010 in Singapore, Why? Brand Design is the brainchild of creative entrepreneur Florent de Maximy. From the get-go, we are set up to offer first class consumer branding and packaging design to help multinationals navigate and build successful brands in Asia.

Why we do

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Why? Brand Design is testament to our team's ability and unwavering determination to bring great ideas to life. Like most passionate designers you are likely to bump into our team roaming the store isles totally engrossed in the latest packaging trends.

How we do

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Today we are over +30 people, from 10 countries, across four integrated teams: Strategy, Creative, Production and Client Servicing. Working with a shared conviction with our clients we put the consumer at the heart of everything we do, building global billion dollar brands.


How do you visualise a company's vision, ideals and message on an ice-cream sandwich? While this may sound like the opening line of a bad joke, we know that these kinds of challenges provide many headaches to brands all over Asia.

To provide an answer, we turn to the mother of all questions: Why? This question is what drives us to understand more about why certain products succeed, and helps us to produce strong branding for our clients. As a client service executive, you would be turning to the Why? in order to help our projects succeed. We want someone who can unearth the reasons behind a successful project, and reproduce great results over time.

Although unfortunately your main responsibilities do not include eating ice cream sandwiches, you will be constantly stimulated by the contents of your job. You can assume you'd be doing the following and more:

- Implementing and delivering projects using your management skills to ensure they are on time and on budget.
- Making sure the quality of our presentations to clients are top-notch and error free.
- Be a fantastic communicator and keep everyone up to date with your project status.
- Collaborating with your team and client to make certain that everything runs smoothly.

Who are we looking for?
It's your ingenious way of thinking, and a passion for branding which will help you make the cut more than anything else when applying for our position. If you're a fresh marketing grad, or have internship experience in the industry then we encourage you to apply! Otherwise, the following qualities are all plusses for working with us:

- Someone who knows which issues to escalate to management and gets the most important things done.
- A friendly, open minded person who can communicate well with both clients and colleagues.
- A strategist. We don't need you to defend Winterfell (any GoT fans?) but we do need you to help us improve our branding process and our internal operations.
- We like to give each other feedback to ensure we can improve. An open-minded person who is a good listener is always great to have.
- Someone who is always well prepared, and excited to face new challenges.
- A person who can voice their opinions and be flexible with their solutions and next steps.

If you want to see the success of brands, and understand what it is to enjoy your work, click "Want To Visit" and come in for a chat!

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