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Business Development Marketing Associate

Business Associate to spearhead our expansion into restaurants acquisitions and branding

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What we do

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Living Menu is a food solution platform that connects you with chefs from all cultures and backgrounds to expand culinary possibilities.
Each culinary creation by our chefs is inspired by their personal experiences and unique perspectives on cooking. Not only do they satiate hunger, they also feed the soul.
With a growing list of evolving chefs and an all-rounded operation team, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that all your food needs are met.

Why we do

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With an aim to make interesting food accessible, we pride ourselves on uncovering novel dishes, rediscovering authentic tastes, and showcasing them to a wider audience.

How we do

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Our in-house production team constantly responds to latest food trends and consumer feedback to create new dishes that are otherwise inaccessible or pricey for a regular lunch.

​At Living Menu, food is more than what's on the plate. It can be a dish that tells a story, a learning experience, or a form of entertainment. We aim to uncover the brightest food talents with the best consumer-rated dishes and showcasing them to a wider audience.


Restaurant Development: You’ll be responsible for the research, prospecting, sales and development of restaurants partnership and signup based on territory. This is an inside sales opportunity, so you’ll be comfortable with ambitious activity targets for cold calls, emails and social media.
Development and Account Management: Establish good relationship with restaurants owners and maintain account relationship.
Internal Coordination: Work with internal departments on people development and marketing strategies to make attractive propostions to food and beverages partners.
Commercial Initiatives: Work with our internal teams with ad-hoc strategic initiatives like joint marketing efforts, Food trends days and other joint projects
Candidate with a previous working stint in restaurants accquistions with deliveroo, food panda, ubereats or other food delivery platforms are preferred.
Candidate must possess at least Higher secondary/Pre-U/A level/College, Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in any field.
Preferably Junior Executive specialized in Marketing/Business Development or equivalent.

Basic info
Looking for Business Development Marketing Associate
Job type Full-time

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