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Business Analyst

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What we do

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Zilingo is a commerce platform that is making the fashion and beauty supply chain more efficient through technology. Zilingo connects businesses across the entire supply chain and empowers them with everything they need to run a business - from design, product development, fabric procurement, manufacturing, cataloguing, marketing, inventory management, distribution, billing, customer service, working capital & trend forecasting.

By creating inclusive growth for businesses in fashion and beauty, Zilingo is democratising the industry and bringing the best value, the latest trends and the widest choice to fashion and beauty shoppers anytime, anywhere.

Why we do

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Zilingo is built on the core principle of creating value in the long-tail fashion and lifestyle market which is enormous, yet largely unorganised. With Zilingo, you can discover fashion from Chatuchak, Haji Lane and Pasar Baru and find local designers and indie labels, all in one place.

We're bringing together long-tail vendors that sell offline within markets and malls across Asia and provide them with a platform to grow their business. We are passionate about building a culture of micro entrepreneurship and offer sellers unprecedented access to buyers, free-of-cost access to analytics, speedy logistics and secure payments.

How we do

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Being extremely tech driven, Zilingo utilises Katana (our proprietary tech platform) and advanced AI to create an unparalleled user experience for both our customers and our sellers.

We’ve grown exponentially on the back of this platform strategy, making us one of the most successful and fastest growing startups in all of Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, we have offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, New York and India.


Zilingo requires a Business Analyst for the Strategy Office to assist the management in developing strategic and operational changes that directly affect our growth. The role involves analysing and preparing company reports and eventually communicating insights to the management. You will
work closely with all our operating geographies to meet targets.

You will be:
● Setting up periodic Reports for the company to review monthly performance
● Analysing current and past company data
● Preparing reports on the above information and communicating insights of these reports to the wider business
● Consulting with the management team to develop long-term commercial plans
● Exploring different investment opportunities
● Developing strategic and operational changes that may improve growth

You should have:
● Excellent mathematical abilities
● Good written and verbal communication skills
● Attention to detail
● MS Excel skills
● Programming skills – Java, Python, C
● Excellent in problem solving and critical thinking
● To be entrepreneurial and able to be flexible, agile and thrive in chaos
● Ability to be flexible, agile and thrive and chaos

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Looking for Business Analyst
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