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Create compelling videos with ROCKSTAGVID | Be our next Videographer/Video Editor!


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  • Founder and CEO of Rockstagvid.
    Media Production is my biggest passion, I love telling stories and being able to effectively communicate them through multiple mediums. I think that setting up streamlined processes are the best way in being able to consistently deliver.

What we do

  • Preparing a scene for shoot.
  • Getting deep in the jungle.

ROCKSTAGVID (RSV) is a Video Production House working for various clients and agencies in Singapore.

Over the past few years, we have created hundreds of Commercials, Corporate Videos, Short Films, Music Videos, Motion Graphics, and countless hours of Branded Content. Our vision has always been to create engaging cinematography with vivid visuals and film-like storytelling.

We make captivating content for every screen. As we remain focused on providing the best moving visuals for customers, we are also developing a range of digital design & development products!

Why we do

  • Shooting a famous person.
  • Studio time.

ROCKSTAGVID has built itself to success through our attention to detail and ability to consistently deliver.

We believe in content and telling stories and hope to engage with our audiences with increasingly interactive mediums. We are always experimenting, and believe that embracing new technologies is the future.

How we do

  • Eat your vegetables.

We’re an organisation with a minimal hierarchy within a creative environment. We embrace talents with the unconventional ideas – because we believe this will help our creatives produce remarkable, original work, together.

We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do, our team consists of people who are deeply passionate about content creation and communicating through video. We take great attention to detail and believe there are many amazing stories to tell.

As a new team member

Are videos your favourite medium for storytelling? Have you tried your hand at creating video content and love being behind the camera?

If you are passionate about the video editing process and the shoots, we’re looking for Videographers/Video Editor like you to join the ROCKSTAGVID team! As our Videographer/Video Editor, you will assist the Creative Directors and Producers in creating compelling content relevant for our portfolio of clients.

You will be the master of the camera, operating them on ROCKSTAGVID’s video productions, and afterwards, you’ll be involved in the video editing process.

You should be highly creative and self-motivated, yet able to work seamlessly within a team. You should also be driven to own every stage of video production and deliver quality content for our clients, so basic knowledge in Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and After Effects are essential.


At ROCKSTAGVID, we all share the same mission, which is to create high-quality content and videos for our audience.

There’s a lot of mutual trust that holds us all accountable for the work we produce and we take a lot of pride in our work.

Everyone is motivated and constantly exploring new opportunities and creative ideas, whether it’s for a video for our clients or an article.

If we’re rocking to the same tune, we want to meet with you! Simply hit the “Want to Visit” button to kickstart your journey with ROCKSTAGVID today.

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  • Founded on 2015/09
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  • UB One, 81 Ubi Ave 4, #08-28, 408830
  • Create compelling videos with ROCKSTAGVID | Be our next Videographer/Video Editor!