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NLP Engineer
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Calling NLP Engineer ! We need you to improve our platform!


What we do

botzup is a simple and flexible collaborative platform for non-coder to build chatbot. We provide flexible interface, build-in features with multi-channel integrations such as Facebook Messenger, Line, In-web and In-app. Everyone can manage their chatbot easily without programmer involvement.

Why we do

Creating a chatbot from scratch is no easy task and requires a significant amount of resources in terms of hiring a chatbot vendor, time invested, and of course, the major capital investment involved. There is no one size fits all for chatbots, as these need to be tailored to suit your specific needs and also need to be deployable across various platforms that you may use to interact with your existing or potential clients. While most companies may have a dedicated in-house IT team, they mainly handle the operations and maintenance of the basic IT infrastructure of the company, and more often than not may not be adept at operating and monitoring a chatbot. Thus, companies need to rely upon chatbot vendors for most functions related to the chatbot.

We make chatbot simple

Botzup gives you everything you need to create and manage your chatbot for customer interactions. We help streamline the conversation and make the chatbot’s conversation more personalized to the customers.

How we do

We are a team of experts from business, marketing to AI & NLP. Your prospects are active in different touch points say your website or social media platforms; now it's time to close the loop and transform them to your true & loyal customers by advanced technology.


Position Description

Candidate will be doing development for building NLP-based products in several domains, such as finance and marketing etc. The hands-on work involves word tokenization, semantic analysis, intention identification, text mining, sentiment analysis, concept/relation extraction, and other related works.

Position Requirements
•Bachelor or higher degree in computer science or related fields
•Working experience on building components for NLP-based products is preferred
•Strong hands-on ability, proficient in NLP related algorithms and open source toolkits.

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Calling NLP Engineer ! We need you to improve our platform!