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Camera Operator/Sound Recordist/Technical Crew WANTED! Join SGAG family TODAY!


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What we do

SGAG turns 7 years old this year! We are a crazy bunch of people that seeks to connect with Singaporeans daily through localised humour with our iconic memes and videos.

Why we do

We know how tough it is being a Singaporean and like what we always tell people, we can't solve these problems you're going through, but hopefully we can put a smile on your face at the end of a long hard day with some of our jokes.

How we do

At SGAG, we're a highly innovative and iterative team that enjoys coming up with new ways to tell stories to our audience. We largely make use of current affairs or trending events to tell better stories (grins).

+ 20 month bonus
+ 3 hours lunch break
+ 30 days of annual leave
+ free gym membership
+ quarterly overseas retreat

... you'll be glad to know that we have NONE of these benefits at SGAG. You'll get to see Xiao Ming every day, that's the only benefit you need!

As a new team member

SGAG is looking for an experienced technical crew member for a full-time position based in Singapore.

Our in-house technical crew needs to be able to function in several roles, from Director of Photography/Camera Operator, to Gaffer/Grip, to Sound Recordist.

He or she can function either as part of/leading a full-sized video production crew, or as a one-man videographer on run-and-gun shoots.

Applicants should also be up-to-date with camera trends and technologies, and is conversant with visual language and a wide variety of shooting styles.

Job responsibilities:

- Shoot, light, and perform sound recording duties on video sets
- Develop visual treatments and scripts for video projects in collaboration with directors
- Participate in brainstorm sessions with the video team
- Assist in the development of new video products and offerings
- Keep up with a fast-paced and varied production schedule (often with tight turnarounds)
- Manage multiple projects at a time and ensure videos are shot both effectively and efficiently, for a variety of budget levels


- Calm and creative under pressure
- Strong communication and organisation skills
- Positive team player who collaborates well with others and reacts well to feedback
- Possess a good understanding of the video production process and workflow
- Possess a thorough understanding of the SGAG tone of voice across all platforms
- Must have experience in the video production industry
- Must have experience working with a variety of cameras (video camcorders, DSLR, mirrorless, etc.), film lights, and audio recording equipment
- Must have produced video work to show

Candidates must provide a reel/sample portfolio of work via a web viewing link

Click “Want to Visit” to apply.

Don’t forget to attach your portfolio on your Wantedly profile! :)

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  • Camera Operator/Sound Recordist/Technical Crew WANTED! Join SGAG family TODAY!