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Software developer for solar power plants
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Software developer for solar power plants WANTED


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  • Specialized in renewable energy technologies and thermodynamic systems, he has gained experience working as project manager for solar power plant projects. Prone to an intelligent use of the resources, he wants to give an active contribute to the energy transition to a 100% sustainable world.

What we do

We are a start-up company which design and manufacture electronic devices used in utility scale solar power plants to follow the Sun movement. We are working on a number of projects around the world where we will provide our customers with a modern user interface to our solar tracking systems. If you want to work for a greener future, join us to shape it!
In our company we are two engineers from Wind and Energy engineering and we have been guided by several innovation funds such as DTU Stardust, Micro Grant, Venture Cup, InnoFounder, Climate Kic. InnoBooster. We are now developing our business and looking for a skilled and self-motivated person to join our team and, based on business performances, stay with us!

Why we do

Our mission is to facilitate the transition of the World to green energy, by providing control systems for solar plants that can help our customers increase their revenue and reduce costs.

The company pursues a strategy of sustainable business and aims to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and raise the stability in the supply of electricity with reliable long-term prices. We are adopting a leading position worldwide in the market for solar-thermal power plants. High-quality service and innovative service for parabolic trough power plants have made us pioneers in this field.

Startak’s core business is comprised of the integration of solar tracking system with parabolic trough power plants using our own innovative technology. The intensive work of product development supported by InnovationFund Denmark has brought to carry out a system with features of reliability and performance that make it the best of its category.


Your qualifications
• A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or similar.
• Experience from university or a previous job writing back-end code and Graphical User Interfaces.
• Experience from university or a previous job working with Linux, Python, PyQt, PHP, MySQL, JSON, JavaScript, NodeJs, Electron, CSS3, HTML5.
• Experience or willing to learn independently with Data communication protocols, e.g. TCP-IP, Ethernet, Modbus, Zigbee.
• Good communication skills (written and verbal) in English.

Job functions
You will be part of a small team of engineers and electronic geeks, hands down to electronic hardware.
You and the team have responsibility for taking features all the way from the initial inception, through research, design, development, and deployment including it being used by our customers.
In your first project, you will assist the development of the SCADA software (Supervision, Control And Data Acquisition) for the control room of a solar power plant having about 2000 solar trackers.
From your software, which could be a web interface or a packaged Python program, it will be possible to:
• Visualise plant and individual solar-tracker behaviour
• Remote monitoring and control each solar tracker
• Setting of parameters
• Display solar-tracker data
• Alarm monitoring
• Data acquisition
• Remote firmware updates

You are the right person for this job if...
You are recognized not only for your drive and motivation to work with technical details, but also your structured and analytical mindset that enables you to design and implement high-performance software. You can work both independently and within a team, demonstrating good interpersonal skills. You are open-minded and are listening to ideas and wishes from other people.

We offer an exciting job in a dynamic and motivating environment where daily life is characterized by varied activities and lots of challenges and the possibility to work from different locations and flexible time schedules.
You are welcome to make this project your Master thesis as well.

Copenhagen and Avedøre.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to click [Want to Visit] and have a chat with us!
But please do so with a filled out profile, else we have no idea who you are and what you want to do. A brief description of the programming language and GUI (graphical user interface) tool-kit you would use to communicate with 200-1000 wireless sensors/actuators would be helpful too.
Bonus points for Screen-shots and 1-5 lines description of programs with a GUI you have made in your portfolio.

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Company info
  • Gammel køge landevej, 546 Hvidovre 2650, Denmark
  • Software developer for solar power plants WANTED