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Wanted! AI Engineer in Consulting


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  • Antoine Pasquali

  • Deep Learningを使った製品開発を行なっています。

    社外活動として主にDeep Learningを使った画像認識等の手法を実装してGitHub、Qiitaで公開しています。

  • A.I. and machine learning passionate, always up to challenges and curious about innovations to improve for a better future.

  • I am dedicated developer, very passionate, I am looking for challenging problem to solve and I am eager to learn to be better.

    I think that talking honestly is the best way to go forward and is a important sign of professionalism.

    I started by learning BASIC, C then assembly on my own (middle s...

What we do

  • 専門知識不要でAIを簡単に作れるプラットフォーム「M-IX」
  • お客様の課題に合ったAIを開発

クロスコンパスは、深層学習(Deep Learning)・機械学習を用いた人工知能(AI)技術を提供する会社として2015年に設立しました。


1. AIコンサルティング・開発サービス
「AIで生産性向上」と一言で言っても、 お客様によって課題もデータの種類も違います。
そもそもAIで何が出来るのか、 何から始めれば良いのか、という疑問に対し、クロスコンパスのAIコンサルティング・開発サービスは、 お客様の課題とゴールを共有し、課題解決に向けた提案を アルゴリズムを開発します。

2. AI開発ツール「M-IX」

3. 研究所

Cross Compass was established in 2015 as a company providing artificial intelligence (AI) technology using deep learning and machine learning. Cross Compass has conducted more than 200 projects. We mainly solve customers’ problems in the manufacturing sector.

There are three major sectors that cross-compass focuses in:

1. AI consulting and development service
AI consulting and development service in a nutshell is, “productivity improvement with AI” For customers who have different issues and types of data. The question is what can we do with AI in the first place and where should we start? Cross Compass’s AI consulting and development service offers solutions and algorithm development. Our goal is to help customers solve their problems.

2. AI development tool "M-IX"
We provide an AI development tool "M-IX" for customers mainly in the manufacturing industry.
AI creation can be performed in just a few steps without requirement of being an expert in AI development.
"M-IX" supports AI creation from all production line to device operation.

3. Research Institute
The research institute was established in April 2019 to bridge the gap between research and industry field.
Our researchers produce cutting-edge technologies that adapts to various fields, such as, manufacturing, robotics, medicine, IoT, marketing, and finance.

Why we do


PCがビジネスシーンを変えた様に、スマートフォンがコミュニケーションを変えた様に、 AIにも人々のライフスタイルを変容させてほしい。

Artificial Intelligence is the core technology in the upcoming generation. We believe that it is crucial for AI technologies to be shared among all humanity and developed for mutual harmony and benefit, not to be possessed exclusively by a single company. We strive for "AI democratization" by solving customer problems with cutting-edge technologies and developing the collaborative AGI platform.

How we do

  • クリエイティブな発想はクリエイティブな空間からと考え、カウンターカフェスペースを設置しました


そしてそのノウハウの結晶が弊社の「Greenia(グリーニア)」 です。Greeniaはクロスコンパスが独自開発したAI開発プロセスに応じたプラットフォームです。コマンドラインツールとして提供しており、クロスコンパスの「M-IX」でも用いられています。

Greenia はあらゆる業界・サービス・製品で用いられる、次世代のスタンダードプラットフォームを目指しています。

‛AI Closer to You' のビジョンに共感し、 共にAIが身近な社会を創りあげていく仲間が働いています。
2019年5月現在、従業員数は49名(非正規社員含む)。9カ国の海外出身者と共に働く職場 。なんとエンジニアの約半数は海外出身者です。


Our first priority is practicality. AI techniques are useless if they do not lead to a breakthrough. We select the most effective, cutting-edge implementation of AI for each case through daily discussions and research & development. The fruit of our efforts is the Core-IX (Intelligence eXchange), which aims to be a standard technology in the next generation by providing AI-defined solutions, selecting best learning models and processing each phase, and working flawlessly with various output devices.

Greenia is a platform developed by Cross Compass for AI development process. Greenia provides "data pre-processing", "learning" and "deploy" functions of AI installation process.
Greenia aims to be the next generation standard platform used in all industries, services and products.

We are an international and interdisciplinary group of professionals, many of whom have experience working at a large organization or a foreign-owned company. We value independence and self-motivation, which allow engineers to be fully creative and productive from defining problems to finding solutions without many limitations.

Join our best and brightest team to make social impacts!

As a new team member

 – Understanding the client problem
 – Suggest or select the appropriate AI or computing technologies
 – Help managers and business stakeholders to understand the potentials and limits of the technologies
 – Develop the required AI models
 – Investigate on applications of the formulated models
 – Stay current with the latest research related to our business
▼Minimum qualifications
 – Master’s degree or equivalent experience of computer science, mathematics, physics or electrical engineering
 – Knowledge of deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and Caffe
 – Experience in data ingestion and statistics
 – English: Business level
▼Preferred qualifications
 – Development experience using languages such as Python or C++
 – Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills
▼Other requirements
 – Japanese: Japanese business level (Minimum JLPT N2)
 – Good communication skills
 – Ability to work in a team

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  • Wanted! AI Engineer in Consulting