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Join our signature 2-year TUF Leadership Development Program to maximise your impact to HK Education!

Teach Unlimited Foundation

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What we do

  • #讓啟導的力量扎根校園 啟導是一種關係,亦是一種力量,擴闊學生對未來的想像,建立積極學習的氛圍
  • #讓啟導的力量開枝散葉 自2011年起,我哋一直以生命影響生命,除咗培育大學畢業生成為友師,打開資源不足嘅學生對未來嘅想像,同時亦培育大學畢業生成為領袖,將啟導嘅力量係各行各業發揚光大。

Teach Unlimited Foundation (“TUF”) is a non-profit and mission-driven organization in Hong Kong. We strive to impact the personal development of socially and financially disadvantaged students through a professional and interactive mentoring approach that is evidence-based.


Why we do

  • #DevelopLeaders TUF 除咗重視友師同同學之間嘅啟導關係,對友師嘅個人發展都同樣重視
  • 【啟導是什麼】啟導友師跟老師的工作有什麼分別?啟導的主要目的不是教學,而是透過不同層次的關係,培育學生個人長期發展及成長。啟導友師需要跟學生同行,不斷地指引、支持、和鼓勵,讓年輕人發憤圖強💪🏼

Our vision:
1) To support the education and personal development of socially disadvantaged students through enhancing self-esteem, learning attitude, and motivation.
• 協助資源不足的學生,透過改善學習態度、動機及自尊感,促進其學習及個人成長。

2) To develop high caliber, socially conscious, and passionate university graduates as role models and future leaders to advance the cause of quality education for all.
• 栽培優秀和關心社會的大學畢業生成為榜樣及明日領袖,推動優質教育,讓所有年青人都能從中獲益。

3) To model an effective way of mentorship and promote its integration into youth education in Hong Kong.
• 建立行之有效的友師啟導模式,提倡將其融入香港青少年教育之中。

How we do

  • #TeachUnlimited 的啟導友師每年都會在夥伴學校實行計畫,目的是幫年輕人認清自己的理想和目標,然後領導他們邁向夢想🚀
  • 如果你對教育有熱誠,想培育年輕人嘅成長,以生命影響生命,就不如考慮成為#TeachUnlimited 2021-2023 年啟導友師啦!#TeachUnlimited #教育無邊界 #香港教育 #mentorship #hkeducation

Our approach:
1) The placement of 2 full time program mentors in schools serving challenging communities to provide customised education support and mentoring to students

2) A 2-year leadership development program for high caliber university graduates, recruited as program mentors, who are to be trained and groomed as role models in guiding, motivating and mentoring the students

Ultimately, we wanted to improve education prospects of disadvantaged students in Hong Kong through the provision of inspired and inspiring learning experiences.



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As a new team member

Do you want to be the ‘’change agent’’ for education in HK? Are you passionate in helping teenagers to grow! YOU can be our PROGRAM MENTOR!

Our Mentors do not start out as teachers, nor do they need to have any teaching qualifications. We welcome prospective or recent university graduates from ANY disciplines! Far more than just classroom teaching, acceptance into our TUF Leadership Development Program means you will:

• Unleash your leadership potential
• Support the personal growth of socially and financially disadvantaged youths in Hong Kong
• Partner with teachers and educators
• Join a community who are passionate to learn, to innovate and to build better lives
• Learn and grow your strengths on the job
• Connect to our renowned corporate partners
• Get on the ground experience that you can use to influence real change

What you get in return?
• Develop your career with the unique School-based Education field experience
94% of our graduated Program Mentors subsequently entered education or youth development fields after they completed the two-year service even they did not graduated from an Education degree. Our Alumni Community with over 30 members forms a very strong network in Education and Social Change initiative and is dedicated to support the organisational growth of TUF.

• 500+ hours of leadership and professional development
You will be trained and fully supported as a Program Mentor. You will receive intensive one-month pre-placement training and be equipped on every Leadership Development Fridays. Meanwhile, our partner school will designate a senior staff member as your Institutional Coach who will support your initial induction and adjustment in the school, provide ongoing guidance, support and feedback to improve your program delivery. Along the two year, you will be provided with one-on-one Personal Coaching by an experienced executive coach to support your personal growth.

• Competitive Scholarship package and benefits
Successful candidates chosen to participate in the TUF Leadership Development Program will receive a scholarship award start with competitive monthly income in terms of a scholarship over 24 months by instalments. In addition, they will have discretionary year-end bonus, 15 vacation days annually, as well as eligible for MPF and medical insurance.

What is your job?
•Collaborate with key staff members of the assigned Partner School to deliver a 2-year Mentoring and Education Support Program.
•Provide one-on-one guidance to students through Structured Mentorship and use English as the springboard, develop dynamic and inspiring learning initiatives in small group settings
•Support personal growth of students and broaden their horizon through extra-curricular activities and/or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects with renowned commercial organizations
•Be responsible for monitoring program progress and measuring its impact
•Take active commitment and ownership in the TUF Leadership Development Program, as well as personal and professional development

Who will be our right fit?
These people will stand out in our selection:

•Share TUF mission and core values: Righteousness, Respect, Compassion, Modesty, Perseverance, Uniqueness
• Have proven leadership and/or community service record
• Have a strong commitment to help others setting goals and achieving breakthroughs
• Have the tenacity to deal with pressure
• Able to work both independently and as part of a team
• High proficiency in English and Chinese

How to apply:
If you share the vision of quality education for all, if you are ready to mentor and give your future students prospects for a better life through your passion, influence and guidance, please apply via Wantedly.

Deadline of Application: 17 January 2021 (First batch)

For more information about TUF Leadership Development Program, please visit our website

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  • Join our signature 2-year TUF Leadership Development Program to maximise your impact to HK Education!
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