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Join us as a Financial Services Consultant to connect with and value-add to the lives of others today!

Qiren Organization

What we do

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Qiren Organisation specializes in coverage for families and children. We are committed to helping individuals with a high-level of respect, kindness and appreciation.

Our business is built around people and we believe that every individual in society is an important contribution to our cause. With every step, our brand values remain unchanged – upholding integrity and honesty is essential to shaping our dreams.

Why we do

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In Qiren Organisation we place our clients first. The tagline “About People, About You” illustrates our brand’s values which strives for strong beliefs and excellence. Moving forward, we envision more involvement in creating an ideal education platform for the long-term benefit of our younger generation.

Our values also prioritise the family unit. We believe in bringing people closer to their loved ones. It is with this genuine care for others, that endless rewards and fulfilment can be enjoyed.

How we do

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Through active collaboration with multiple partners, Qiren Organisation has initiated causes around Health, Education, Fitness, Family Bonding and Rewards. These efforts aim to promote healthy living and development of children’s education to ease the parents at the nurturing stage.

In May 2018, Qiren Organisation opened it’s second “next generation agency office”. This establishment provides lifestyle facilities for clients which include a library, indoor playground, café and lounge. Specially designed around the needs of modern parents, this office provides a good venue for engagement activities such as birthday parties and complementary health checks. Regular activities which promote family time like enrichment classes and fitness sessions are also available.

This is the first of its kind in financial services and we believe, disruptive in the industry.


Are you someone who enjoys communicating sincerely with others? Do you genuinely care for the people around you? If your answer is YES, we will like to meet you!

Qiren Organization aims to maximise our reach to help individuals with their financial planning needs. Beyond the perks and benefits, our mission is to help people with respect, kindness and a positive attitude. At Qiren, our team consists of individuals with a flair for sales and leadership. Our leaders go the extra mile to personally mentor and groom each of us. Most importantly, we are not your ordinary agency, we believe in connecting with people and value-add to our customers.

This role entails exceptional career trajectory, that is driven by your individual achievements and the performance of the leaders which you have groomed. If you have an interest in the finance industry and the unyielding hunger to learn, you’ll be a perfect fit for us!

Why work with us?
- Mentorship by passionate leaders in the financial industry.
- Increase your productivity by working in our cool Google-like, cosy environment.
- -Enjoy complementary coffees and teas served by our in-house barista at our trendy café

If you want a successful career with a positive impact on others’ lives, click “Want To Visit” today and we would be happy to host your unique experience with us!

Basic info
Looking for Sales
Job type Full-time
Special features Come visit with friends / Free snacks/lunch

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