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Lead Data Scientist
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Do you relish in technical leadership? Lead Data Scientist wanted!

Paktor Pte Ltd

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What we do

  • Paktor, SEA's largest and most successful mobile dating and social networking brand
  • GaiGai, a bespoke dating agency by Paktor

To provide personal and meaningful connections through our suite of dating platforms and services.

Why we do

  • Paktor co-founder, Joseph
  • Founded with the mission of connecting singles in Asia

Paktor was founded with the mission of connecting singles in Asia through technology enabled platforms. To date, Paktor’s platforms have grown rapidly across the region and established leadership positions in each of the company’s key markets in Asia. With a user base of over 22 million, Paktor has successfully created 100 million matches.

Paktor launched in 2013, when our co-founder Joseph Phua found himself single after a failed relationship. Since its inception, the app has been all about the romantic aspects of people meeting each other; its very name is the Hokkien expression for “going on a date”.

As our company and vision progressed, as we learned more things, we realized that people meet other people at different parts of their lives. They can be at work, out with friends and drinking, at activities where friends invite new friends. Thinking larger, you can meet new people during every aspect of your life, and what we want to try to do is fulfill and serve those aspects within one platform.

How we do

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To drive our mission of connecting singles in Asia, we have built an online app and an offline dating agency to promote the romantic aspects of people meeting each other:

Leveraging our proprietary technologies and first-mover advantage, Paktor’s flagship app has become the most successful social networking app for singles in the region. With a user base of 22 million, Paktor has successfully created 100 million matches. We are poised to become the first company to provide a comprehensive suite of products to our users across the dating vertical, focused on creating value for various segments of our target audience, in the process ensuring maximum industry coverage and further dominance.

GaiGai (走街) is the leading offline dating agency in Singapore that is wholly owned by Paktor Group. Headquartered in the sunny shores of Singapore, GaiGai serves to offer a physical channel of connecting people, particularly singles. Forget exorbitant prices, mundane events and awkward moments. We provide modern matching services which are focused on casual settings, great company, and low prices that make effective dating affordable to everyone.

The idea behind GaiGai is to create a vibrant environment where we provide our members with the opportunity to interact with other members beyond their circle of friends and empower them with relevant social skills to be more approachable when meeting new people. In the long run, we hope to contribute to the local dating scene and foster opportunities for singles to interact in exciting and fun social settings around Singapore.

As a new team member

Using data modelling, linear regression, statistical methods and proprietary data, your role is to discover trends, the “magic” behind dating, and provide understandings/estimates based on this data. Working closely with Product Manager, engineering team and our management team, you will be responsible for the creation and evolution of the tools and methods critical to producing quality and useful insights.

- Lead the development and testing of hypotheses across all functional areas at Paktor
- Play a key role as a member of the analytics team
- Research and apply multidisciplinary techniques, findings and approaches to Paktor problems
- Design, implement and analyse algorithms which substantially impact Paktor features
- Participate in the development of prototypes and guide solutions into production
- Serve as a primary person to consult on complex data science issues, contributing key ideas

- Masters/PhD in computer science, stats or related field
- At least 6 years of academic /corporate hands on experience in core analytics & machine learning
- Experience with large scale algorithm challenges in the consumer Internet space
- Knowledge of recommender systems
- Comfort working within a modern engineering environment (System architecture, Java, MySQL, cloud programming)
- Ability to script experimental solutions and use off-the-shelf statistical analysis tools (Python, R)
- Obsession with data and system improvement, tempered with pragmatic ability to prioritise
- Proven research background, in academic or industrial work, with an emphasis on delivering practical research that has a critical impact on multiple projects
- Awareness of business objectives and ability to apply this understanding to recommend and implement product development for difficult and complex technical issues
- Strong results driven personality, with a high level of enthusiasm, energy and confidence
- Excellent analytical, communication and organisational skills
- Ability to demonstrate flexibility and integrity: be able and willing to work hands on or independently

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  • Do you relish in technical leadership? Lead Data Scientist wanted!
    Paktor Pte Ltd