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Blockchain × ICO × Startup × Asia

Mango Byte Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Technical Advisor

    - Professional full-stack engineer and project managemer both in front-end and server-side including python, vue.js, node.js, GoLang etc.

What we do

It is a startup team based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We are building a point system which any people can get and use points to get discounts and advantages from retailers for Vietnam market. Also retailers will obtain and utilize the purchasing information and customer behavior for their effective marketing. In addition, we are developing a cryptocurrency market place to exchange the coins with Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies.

As a primary business, we are now building point system using coins based on a cryptocurrency, steller. It is an ecosystem for the universal customer loyalty program and also the unit of measurement for the number of rewards the retailer shall distribute and the consumer shall receive per purchase transaction.

The Vietnamese retail market size is estimated at 133,600,000,000 USD and is continuing to grow along with the growth in population (now 90 millions). Despite this rapid growth in population and the consumer market, there is a clear lack in the availability of marketing data. This is largely due to the fact that until now, there was no way to track and record purchasing information and customer behavior of retailers. We look to exploit this opportunity by analyzing purchasing data which will then be used by retailers for better marketing, customer outreach, and customer retention. In doing so, there will be an increase in competition and more stimulation for the market as a whole. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the need for a platform to collect this data and make available for retailers to use is of high demand.

Why Steller?

Stellar has a built-in decentralized exchange, they have greater security, they allow you to create custom ICOs, and they are significantly cheaper and faster. Furthermore, its points used for customer loyalty rewards and its tokens that are used to purchase marketing and other services from us are pegged to the assets issued by stellar. This enables other services outside of us to exchange their assets for the points and the tokens with ease.

Why we do

In conjunction with the growing retail business in Vietnam, many stores and businesses are incorporating customer loyalty programs. As a result, 90% of people in their twenties and thirties possess or have participated in some sort of customer loyalty program. However, many of these programs are issued by individual stores and/or organizations, and therefore, rewards are also only linked with the businesses that are issuing the program. Customers then have no choice but to manage the same number of accounts as loyalty programs in which they have enrolled to receive rewards for.
In other words, currently, there are no solutions that consolidate and unify these programs to provide a seamless and convenient program management tool for consumers. For consumers, having to carry multiple cards or manage multiple accounts equals poor usability. Not to mention the fact that customers have to remember the rules and regulations for each program is a big hit on the user experience as a whole.

We look to solve these problems by creating customer loyalty program that is universal to all retail stores. In essence, you will only have to carry around one card, in the form of a mobile app, and that app will be the central device to manage all customer loyalty programs. Since the program is universal, rewards for your loyalty will be collected in the form of points and you will be able to redeem your rewards by using the points that you have accumulated. Consumers will then be able to collect points and redeem them at any retailer without the hassle of managing multiple accounts and credits.

How we do

4 Japanese members of management team, 10 Japanese partner engineers in Japan, 5 and will be more in-house engineers in Hanoi, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We are hiring one more professional engineer from Philippines and the team will be more from the other countries.

It should be South-east taste, but should be more international.

We are also starting cloudsale for ICO in June basically here in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are getting to be a leader in this field in the country.

We are also chasing the ideal startup team building in Agile development and Build-Measure-Learn process on MVP product in Lean startup. We see the market and users in there very carefully. We should take a lot of tries and tests to go straight on demands. That is actually what we want to do and enjoy in the startup game in the hot and tropical country and market.

■ Skill stack
Languages: Golang, Python, kotlin, swift
Libs & frameworks: echo, Django, RxKotlin, RxSwift, Clean Architecture(design architecture)
Source repository: GitHub
CI: CircleCI
Error watching: Stack driver
Server watching: GCP/GKE
Communication tools: Slack, Asana
Design & Wireframe: Sketch, Abstract, Invision, PhotoShop, Illustrator

As a new team member

We need more engineers for blockchain technology and its market place development or even for point service app and more.

Business filed:
- Cryptocurrency Exchange
- Token development based on steller
- Point app (Android, iOS, and web system for shops and users)
- Wallet app(Android, iOS, Desktop)
- Cryptocurrency market place app

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