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Head of Sales | Partner with us in this early stage for a thrilling ride into the future with Howdy!


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What we do

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Howdy finds, forms and fosters meaningful relationships to help you achieve your goals. Howdy is headquartered in Singapore.

Using artificial intelligence, our app connects the right people to create opportunities and solve problems. Howdy allows you to join new communities, meet new people, and attend related events around you! You can now control being “at the right place at the right time!”

Why we do

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We are inspired to introduce those who otherwise might never have met. We want to help you achieve your goals, create opportunities and solve problems by meeting the right people.

Always be at the right place at the right time using Howdy because the possibilities are endless when you meet and work with the right people.

How we do

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Introductions make the world go round, and we strive towards a world, where making an introduction will be super easy. Howdy helps you make the connections you never knew you needed.


Howdy ( is a venture backed, young, high growth, technology company headquartered in Singapore with global plans. Howdy is a platform for hosting communities for our business customers. Using artificial intelligence, our app connects the right people to create opportunities and solve problems. See how Richard Branson used Howdy with our CEO in Singapore to make an important connection.

An opportunity exists for an amazing, entrepreneurial, strategic, sales professional to join our Singapore team and partner with us in this early stage for a thrilling ride into the future. You will engage with prospective customers on a one-on-one basis to match their needs with Howdy's capabilities and convey the Howdy value proposition. On any given day you will be expected to:

- Manage a dedicated funnel of qualified leads from beginning to end;
- Establish meaningful, authentic relationships with potential customers;
- Adopt a solution oriented approach with customers, to overcome objections;
- Follow up business leads and convert these to revenue, by creatively tailoring a pricing solutions that ‘get the sale’
- manage the sales funnel process, including updating pipeline reports weekly and prioritising deals

To succeed in this role we are looking for these qualities

- the ability to see through tangible revenue results (ie “close”
- a natural passion for engaging with people but also achieving “a sale”
- ability to consult with clients to craft creative pricing solutions
- a journey person who can accompany us from startup to maturity

The opportunity in this role is immense. You could become a successful individual contributor. You could also ultimately lead our business development team if you are capable.

We are looking for a determined and resilient superstar who can own their targets and smash them! You will know you are winning in this role when you can not only achieve and exceed these targets, but you're having fun along the way. Please connect with us if you have inside sales business-to-business environment, particularly in software sales, telecommunications or technology.

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