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UI/UX Designer
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UI/UX Designer Wanted!


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  • Hi there!
    I'm Takeshi from teamLab HR.
    Please never hesitate to contact me :)

    ・Studied Literature in Durham, England
    ・Worked for Travel Agency at Zurich, Switzerland

  • UI/UX Designer at teamLab

  • UI/UX Designer at teamLab

  • I'm Sukeharu Ito from Hachioji, Tokyo
    Working as UI/UX Designer at teamLab.
    I am the kindest person in teamLab.
    Currently I'm into EXILE TRIBE.
    My favorite food is "Tamago Bolo" (Japanese snack)

What we do

  • ANA Mileage Club
  • Acure Pass

【ANA Mileage Club】
It is a smartphone application exclusively for the service All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. offers for their mileage club members. We incorporated functions to the app which users would feel more closely to ANA mileage club with a clear visual information of its service.

・Application design and its website design
・Application UI/UX design

【Acure Pass】
We created an innovative vending machine with a concept of “continue to be proposing the value of new experience in vending machines”. This smartphone application “Acure Pass” for ”Innovation vending machine” is a new platform and service for purchasing drinks.

・Concept design
・Application UI/UX design
・Vendingmachine signage UI/UX design
・Promotion website design
・Promotion film direction
・UI/UX Design

Why we do

【Technology and Creativity】
The boundary between technology and creativity is becoming ambiguous and its tendency is further expanding. We create and provide solutions based on the concept of "Experiment and Innovation", while defining the boundaries of science, technology and art.

How we do

【Secret of being creative】
We believe collaboration is a key to innovation. At teamLab, we have experts of varied fields such as engineering, programming, branding, designing and design production. In order to create innovative works, we think it is important to be well communicated. Our office is designed to where you can converse and collaborate, cooperate with other co-workers. We have an open meeting / workspace, so that we can engage other meetings other than participating in our own meetings. Cooperation is important to be innovative, and it leads us to problem solving.

As a new team member

We are looking for passionate designers with strong teamwork skills, who are interested in using new technologies to create solutions and interested in directing projects.

Our in house team includes professionals from a diverse background - and your role as a designer role is to provide UI/UX for projects such as websites, applications, digital signage and other platforms. As a designer you will work closely with our engineering, commercial team as well as other designers developing new UI/UX solutions.

At teamLab you will be able to connect and interact with other teams and craft projects that you wouldn’t be able to make on your own. We are always looking for people who want to create with us.

※For applicants, we require your portfolio.

- Incorporating technology in your designs
- UI/UX for websites, applications and digital signage
- Creating visuals, graphics, videos or other materials
- Providing visual contents for various services

【Required experience / skill】
- At least 1 year of web design or UI/UX design
(not required for students or recent graduates)
- Sketch
- Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator)
- Adobe XD

【Desirable experience / skill】
- Basic HTML/CSS knowledge
- Direction skills
- “Sketch” (software) experience
- Good teamwork skills
- Interest in new technologies and platforms, and constant interested in looking for a new approach towards design
- Interested in technology
- Interest in Japan (culture wise)

We’re also recruiting applicants for other types of designers and engineers!
If you got interested, please do not hesitate to visit our unique office where filled with our interactive digital arts.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • UI/UX Designer Wanted!