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  • Karl Mak

What we do

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SGAG turns 7 years old this year! We are a crazy bunch of people that seeks to connect with Singaporeans daily through localised humour with our iconic memes and videos.

Why we do

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We know how tough it is being a Singaporean and like what we always tell people, we can't solve these problems you're going through, but hopefully we can put a smile on your face at the end of a long hard day with some of our jokes.

How we do

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At SGAG, we're a highly innovative and iterative team that enjoys coming up with new ways to tell stories to our audience. We largely make use of current affairs or trending events to tell better stories (grins).

+ 20 month bonus
+ 3 hours lunch break
+ 30 days of annual leave
+ free gym membership
+ quarterly overseas retreat

... you'll be glad to know that we have NONE of these benefits at SGAG. You'll get to see Xiao Ming every day, that's the only benefit you need!


Crazy enough to have what it takes to be a new cast member at SGAG?

Send us a video clip of why we should pick you!

- This is a full time role @ SGAG
- Comfortable with being on camera
- Must have crazy ideas
- Experience with acting is a plus
- Experience with video production is a plus

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Basic info
Looking for Actors & Actresses
Job type Full-time
Special features Free snacks/lunch
Company info
Founded on February, 2012
Headcount 50 members
Industries IT (Internet/Mobile) / Media / Publishing / Entertainment

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